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Upper door panel



Need help with my upper door panel inside. The pass. side door panel does not wan to stay on. Right now there is no clips or any thing to hold it to th inside of the door, just the metal crimp, friction fit of the trim. I believe this is how it is supposed to be, bu how come the upper part of the panel comes off when I close the door?
Turismo, the fasteners that were used to hold the trim piece to the door panel were plastic originally, and it didn't take much to break them. Your's are probaly broken. :(

However, there is a bright side; the aftermarket sells upgraded trim pieces with metal fasteners. ;)
The upper black trim peice stays on the large red door panel (red interior), but the whole assembly will not stay attached to the inside of the door.
HMMMM........I understand your problem now.....

It is possible that the panel is incorrectly installed.......did someone add a new carpet to the bottom edge? Or a sound deadening pad to the door under the panel? that might be making the panel "too thick"......

I seem to remember that when I did both these things I had to make sure that there wasnt too much stuff behind the panel pushing it out slightly since that would make the top of the panel pop out of the lip at the top near the glass.........

is the door itself sagging? is the panel hitting the sill and pushing upward at all? Are all the screws tight or are the clips behind the screws rusty and deteriorating? Just giving some ideas........
Turismo, this is a common problem with the C-4s. Gm. does have a TSB on this and offered a fix consisting of a piece of plastic that extends over the door edge to hold the panel on. I actually put screws under the black moulding, and used two sided tape to secure the moulding back to the panel. Other have done the same using velcro on the moulding after securing the door panel. I have not had a problem since this fix. I had the panel off 4 times prior trying to get the panel to stay on.
rick-87 said:
...this is a common problem with the C-4s.

Knock-on-wood, I must be one of the lucky ones here :eek; I haven't had this problem with my door panels. And seeing as to how I just replaced both panels with new panels, I don't expect to have this problem in the foreseeable future. ;)

i have that problem with my92. drivers side is fine. passenger side just won't stay put. the fiberglass lips on the door that are supposed to hold the panel don't. looking at the panel it appears to have bowed out some. i tried putting some screws in the lips to see if they would hold it, tried velcro, no luck. it seems to stay for a bit until the door is opened and closed a few times. then it jumps up and over the lips. kinda depressing because the panel is in excellent shape and needs no repair. just won't stay buttoned down...
Thanks for the great input guys. I believe the problem was that the entire mid-section of the panel wasn't secure enough, and this caused the panel to bounce away from the door, pulling the upper part of the panel off the door. I have since secured the mid-section (at the armrest) of the panel with larger screws (and replaced missing screws!) and have not had the problem return. The upper part of the panel is still a little loose though. I imagine the fittment has deteriorated from years of R&R and general wear and tear.
vms4evr, I would recommend you check with a GM dealer for the factory fix. I didn't know about the part when I had my problem and had already fixed mine. The service bullitin is document # 118781 and the part #s for the right side is 10082829 rh for retainer clip. If I had to do my other side I would use the factory fix.
good luck
ACK!!! Upper panel has come loose again. Will have to look into the GM TSB fix. Thanks Rick!
Sounds good. I'll call the dealer and see about getting that done.
I've already removed the door panel too many times for my liking.
Thanks, Rick.

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