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Upper door trim on 87 convertible


Jul 27, 2007
1987 Dark Red Convertible
How do you remove and install new inside upper door trim on a 87 convertible. It looks like it has to be pryed up to force it off. Then does the new trim get pressed back on? Im new at this and don't want to screw it up.
If you're talking about the strip that goes across the door and rubs against the window - you need to remove the inside door panel to get to it. It's not too bad a job. I replaced both my upper door seals and it took about 4 hours total - I'm not too fast.
Door Trim

The part I'm looking at replacing isn't the rubber piece that rubs on the widow as the window goes up and down but the piece between that and the door panel. The part you would rest your arm on while driving if you had your elbow sticking out the window. It's a plastic piece covered in the same vinyl as the door panel.;help
OK . I'm starting to zero in on the piece. More questions:

1. Is it a real narrow u-channel-like piece that installs onto the door edge?

2. Or the fairly fat and thick piece that sits on top of the inner door (where the door locks would be in on most cars). That's where I rest my arm when I drive.

Piece 1. or 2. ..... or none of the above.

Do you have a Factory Shop Manual?
If not GET ONE. Helms has them, Google Helms, or go to ebay.
It's indispensable for working on your Vette, and just reading through it will teach you ordinary stuff about just driving you car that you never knew. It's also helpful to get both the Chiltons, and the Haynes too. Between all three of them you get an assortment of pics, views, helpful hints and the like that reinforce and support one another.
Of course this BB is also the best, and there are often references to articles in Corvette Fever that are great step by step with pics.
Let me know re the mystery part. A pic is nice if you have a digicam.
It's the second part. The thicker piece that you would rest your arm on. Part of the drivers side one lifts up and it looks like there is a pin that goes into the door metal that is broken off???????
I have a chiltons but it doesn't mention this part. I found the part in a Zip Products catalog that I have on page 35 they call it the upper cover and Part no. DR - 401. for convertibles. Don't know why the convertible part is different than the Coupe part and $40 more also. any way maybe this will clear up the confusion.
OK I found the probable same part in a corvette america catalog (I can't find my zip catalog) they call it "upper door panel trim". (it has the rectangular opening at the windshield end for the vents). It does show a different part no for the vert than the coupe. LH 25556, RH 25557) and the cost os $109 vert (each) vs $69 coupe each. I don't know neone with a coupe to examinre and compare but at least it's consistent with what you found at zip. Good chance it has to do with the "B" pillar end cuz that's likely diff than with a vert's soft top.
I can ask my dealer's body guy about it. they're very knowledgeable and helpful. Let me know asap as they're closed sat.
Thats the part. From what I'm finding out I'm going to have to take the door panel off and drill out some pop rivets, attach the part with new pop rivets then put the door panel back on.
Yah I remember reading abut the rivet thing in another thread here. Try searching the forums. You should be able to find a step by step illustrated procedure for doing exactly this. It'll likely be a reference/link to a Corvette Fever article. BTW I was driving around today and saw a 88 coupe so I flagged it over and asked if I could check out her upper door trim. I explained why and the driver was happy to oblige. The coupe's piece is several inches longer due to differences in the B pillar by the door. I got her cell too. Ya no I've driven Vettes most of my life and never thought of using the repair parts line to meet a woman. I'm no teenage kid either, ya'd think I'da come up with that long ago - WTH if she's driving a Vette we already have a lot in common.
Ahhh we PA Dutchies have a saying "Ve get too zoon oldt, und too late schmart".

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