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Vacume leaks


sd pacecar

My car recently went down, but has since been fixed. I discovered the 3/8ths vacume line from the top, front of the carb down to the vacume cannister was ripped open. Could this have been the reason the car totally died when I exited the freeway. I managed to park it and tried to start it but got nowhere. I checked for spark and it didn't seem to have any from the number one plug wire. I first replaced the vacume line and tried to start it, but it didn't appear to want to start. I then replaced the coil and control module and it fired up. I know this sounds kind of dumb, but should I have tried longer to start the car after replacing the vacume line? Is it possible that with no vacume, the car wouldn't start? I would hate to find out that I spent eighty bucks on ignition parts only to find that it was lack of vacume that killed the engine. Thoughts anyone
That's just a vapor hose from the carb to the cannister. Definitely will not keep the car from running.
Thank you, now I don't feel bad for spending the eighty bucks for the ignition parts.
sd pacecar,

Glad that your car is back up and running. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day. :w

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