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Vacuum system woes..continue!!



Hi All,
Im a bit embarrased to bring this up, cause I know what The options are to fix, but My vacuum system remains broken, in fact the problem has gotten worse. Ive determined the leak effects the motors tuneability, just like a manifold vacuum leak would..duh..
So I have it completely disconnected and have joined the ranks of the permanent headlamps in the open position group:(
If I need the wipers, I pull over lift the hood, hook the manifold port back in and head on down the road, then plug again when the rain stops:eyerole
The point of this message is for Chris...Man your conversion kits are looking alot sweeter to me these days:L
Its still out of my range as a priority, to undertake a conversion to electric at this time , but it sure has come into the scope of possibilities.
And Thanks for making it possible at all.:D
I think alot of us are in the same boat, Tom. Though I've recently installed all new vacuum hoses, I don't really like the clutter with the stock system. I've come to the decision that the wiper doors and grille are getting the heave-ho. I'm planning to sell my stock BB hood and switch to a longer style L-88 one. I'm going to get rid of my old pop-up units, as well. Electric would be cool, but it's not something I want to deal with. Maybe if I lived in Florida, I could bum some work off of Chris. ;) --Bullitt

That is no good. It has to be tough trying to look cool while pulling over and assisting the doors open.

The V8 Fiero project I built a few years ago was on a very tight budget. Plus, 1984 parts were terrible. Anyway, I had Frankenstined my OEM electric headlight actuators out of about four or five other Fieros. The first couple of times I took the car out the headlights decided to make a fool out of me. While sitting in a parking lot around other people in this otherwise gorgeous rumbling shaking Viper red Fiero, I would hit the lights and they would go up at different speeds, times, and not even all the way :mad

I refused to get out and help them up. So, back to the drawing board. You see those 84 models actually used a pittiful system of relays to signal up and down, and these relays always had corrosion or something in them.

Okay, long story short, I found the sweet spot in the switch. I could push it just right and they would pop up like rockets. Funny thing is that it seemed like only I could find it. So, one NIGHT Nikki has to take it up to the drug store. You guessed it. It got dark while she was there. She could not figure out the switch and drove that mighty mouse home in the dark :bash

So, I KNOW it is not cool to have to mess around.

You will get it eventually. It has to be a bad line or valve in the system. Have you tried having somebody blow cigerette smoke in the main line?
The vacuum system works well if it has no leaks and everything is hooked up properly. There is a book available from just about all the vendors called "Troubleshooting The Vacuum System" or something like that. You're going to have to go through the system and check the hoses for leaks and proper "hook ups". Sometimes the ends of the old hoses mushroom, and leak where they connect. Then check the headlight and wiper door relays, then the vacuum actuators for the headlights and wiper door. Also, you'll need to check the vacuum switch under the passengers wiper blade, and the solenoid behind the tachometer. It's really not that hard to troubleshoot if you're methodical. My opinion on electric conversions for the wiper and headlight is that IF it were feasable, and reasonable in price, somebody would be selling one already. The engineering involved in such a conversion would be incredible. The fabrication of brackets, the wiring, the switches, etc. would be costly. The price of such a system for both the headlight and wiper would have to be very high in my opinion. I'm sure that's why they're not for sale in every Corvette catalog now. Hope this helps. Good luck. :) Chuck

Keep your eyes peeled because you are about to see one pop up (hey, no pun intended) some time in 2002, if only available right here. There are an aweful lot of details to putting this all together, but the actual components are so simple it will blow your mind.

I am not going to attempt marketing the wiper door conversion, as the parts exceed what you can replace the vacuum for. The headlights are another story. In fact, I have already given the basic details of how to convert your wiper door electric with pictures. The Linear electric motor runs about 180. The truth is that along with a couple of brackets can get you started. The brain box that will flip current on demand is another $100 but they are available in the bone yard pretty cheap. However, a fellow could always just hook up a power door lock switch to the wiper door actuator and you are off and running for less than $200 for permanent dependable operations. The linear actuator is rated at 75 lbs thrust for 80,000 strokes and is made for all weather conditions. I pitty the old shark that gets that much action.
I already have this guide, "Troubleshooting The Vacuum System" but thanks for pointing this out, Chuck. My thing is, is that I already need a L-88 style hood to fit a taller intake on the engine. When I pop the hood and see all those vacuum hoses, even when I striaghten them out, they just aren't appealing. I just want something that's cleaner. --Bullitt

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