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Very interesting....is it 88-015 or 88-090 who knows?



Ok guys, the Callaway b2k Ive been looking at is listed as #90. Upon emailing Joanne, she comes back and says its car #15. What gives? Im pretty sure I remember seeing #90 on the car when I drove it but could be wrong. What do you guys think?


I think I'd go with whatever it says on the plate in the car. It would be highly unlikely that one of those could get swapped. Especially with the numbers being so far off. Is it an earlier or later production build date on the car? I know that's only a really rough gauge but if you could get build dates for a few more TTs in 1988 it would help to solidify the authenticity. The 015 car should have been built well ahead of the 090 car. (Assuming they built them in sequence which I beleive they did.)

For instance, my 057 1990 was built in 06/90 and is the second to last TT for the model year. If they told me it was really the 010 car for example I'd know they were wrong.

See if you can get a few more 1988 TT build dates and then see if you can figure out approximate times when those sequence numbers would have come of the line. I think 8388 in TX has an '88 doesn't he? Maybe a few more here.


email transcript

Start at the bottom for the first email...............


I have that vin in my records but as car 88-015, the colors match, gray metallic w/black interior coupe. Last we heard the car was with it's second owner in Decatur that was 2000.

They may have purchased new badging and somehow got the wrong car number.
The vin number matching is more reliable than the badge.


On Thursday, June 6, 2002 6:04 PM, Josh Henderson <joshhenderson@silversprings.com> wrote:
>I have a different VIN for the car 1g1yy2184j5102863. Can you see what that
>brings up. They claim its the only Med Gray metallic B2k
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Joanne Mercer [mailto:jmercer@callawaycars.com]
>Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2002 11:19 AM
>To: Josh
>Subject: Re: Callaway purchase
>Hi Josh,
>I show TT 88-090 to be vin # 1G1YY3181J5114488
>we have not heard any thing on the car since 1998 and that was just a new
>owner contacting us to register. Last we knew it was in NY with it's second
>owner. It seems we are a bit behind with our information.
>That is about all I have. If you have any specific questions I let me know
>and I will try to answer them for you.
>Joanne Mercer
>Callaway Cars, Inc.
>On Wednesday, June 5, 2002 3:14 AM, Josh Henderson
><joshhenderson@silversprings.com> wrote:
>>I am looking at 1988 car # 90. Its in Indiana. Does Callaway have an
>>documentation or history on the car?
Mar 18, 2002
Westchester,New York
1989 Callaway Twin Turbo Aerobody Coupe

I would check the engine block it is serial number on the block I believe that Callaway cars change the original vin number and incorporate the model number in the vin.In an article in vette mag july 1989 they list in the article that the chassis number was 89-005-7548 the number of the car in the test was car 005 .Try looking there it might help. If you need a new number badge callaway may have them. I spoke to Ted Rice and was told people would take the number plate out before they sold it go figure. Well I hope this helps. Pete


This is getting strange...

Looking at the engine block as callaway4fun suggests may be one way to confirm.

Also, the last part of the VIN is a build sequence number. Go here for the whole breakdown -


This one... the one you seem to know as 88-090 was built LONG before the one Callaway has listed as the 090 car.

The first 1988 Corvette off the line ended in 100001. So the car you are looking at was the 2,863rd car built that year. This is very likely the 015 car. Can you confirm the last owner in Decatur? The rest of it certainly adds up.


This car which is the one Callaway has listed as the 090 car was the 14,488th car off the line in 1988. This is the 090 car. It is also a convertible.


I'm sure if you look at the build date on the door tag you'll see the car you are looking at is an early build date. Probably late 1987.

So, it seems you have found a true Callaway with the wrong sequence number. Now go do you homework and find the person who screwed up the numbers!


Kevin, thats great info. Where did you find the Callaway cooresponding build numbers to VINs?


Im an idiot

Well this didn't take too much investigating to get to the bottom of it. I called about the car today and inquired about its #. The ad says "the only Med Gray Met b2k produced #90" or something to that effect. Well 90 is the paint code:eek: not the sequence #.....oops. LOL

So scratch what I said about remembering it being car #90, must have been that crack I smoked earlier today:crazy

PS the new owners of my Vette drove it off last night, I had a hard time not calling and buying a car this morning.

On another note, I did drive a 00FRC again last night. A very nice car, but it didn't feel like a Vette to me, my passenger said "get the Callaway if it feels more like you current Vette. This thing is too cushy"

We'll see................


Now that's funny!

;stupid :SLAP

Sorry, no Callaway for you... you failed the IQ test.


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