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Very Sad Picture....


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Aug 21, 2001
Round Rock, TX
73 LS4 Coupe - 04 CE Conv
I'm with Keith.....At least they are not in a compactor!!!:cry
I see myself going in there on a saturday morning,tools in hand.
What a glorious thought:J
At least they aren't any of ours. :D

.......... Nut
Nut said:
At least they aren't any of ours. :D
.......... Nut

Phew! Right on Nut, ain't that the truth! BTW Nut, I'll be ringing you in the next month or so with a date and time of my next scavenger trip to Brandywine:D.

- Eric
Looks like part of the yard at J & D Corvette.
Tom Bryant said:
Looks like part of the yard at J & D Corvette.

J&D in Bellflower, CA? Was this on your last visit west Tom? :confused

_ken :w
J& D in Bellflower

Yes but no I haven't visited them, but I was looking at their web site and this looks like their yard pictures.

I did buy a nice '58 hardtop ftom them for $125. in '71 as well as a tight steering gear for the '59 for $35. They forgot to ship the steering gear and when I called them they said that they would get it out right away. I got it the next day air frieght at no additional cost!! They have been on the top of my top 10 list since.

It's in the Portal under Parts and accessories.

Mine resembles those!



But I'm making progress!


Re: J& D in Bellflower

Tom Bryant said:
They have been on the top of my top 10 list since.

Tom, you'd really like the guys at J&D - good people. Noel and Woodie Parks are brothers, but Noel is the outgoing one, and the racing fanatic. He'll regale you for hours with racing stories.

They'll probably be at the Historics at Laguna Seca this year. I know it's got my blood stirring after reading Nolan Adams comments about it in this month's Cars & Parts Corvette magazine. :J

Gonna be tough though, coming back from BG and heading north right away for that event. :crazy

_ken :w

Next time you see the J&D guys ask them if they have any more $125. hardtops for my '59.


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