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Vin should be 800060, not 100060



I have a grinding/rattle noise in 1st, 2nd, and a little bit in 3rd under normal acceleration. Some genius on the ZR1 net came up with the very technical, "someone probably drove the **** out of it" Has anyone had their 6 speed rebuilt on a 91 ZR1. Where was it done, what prices, how much time. Thanks for a straightforward answer. I Have had turbo 911 Porsches and have a 450 horsepower 72 Pantera as well as other Corvettes but I have never had a trans problem. The clutch seems strong and the tranny doesn't pop out of gear.

Thank you in advance for any info.
Since it's a ZR1, I figured you'd get a better response here. ;)
contact bill b at www.zfdoc.com. sounds like the dual mass flywheel might be going bad. does the car shift OK??

if you have ZF problems bill is the man.

call him up and give him as much info as you can. also be sure to check the clutch master/slave. very common to have a leak and the clutch doesn't work. also common in the ZR1 is the pilot bearing going bad and squealing (grinding??)

post some more info about the problem and maybe I can help you. but bill has forgotten more than I know. tell em ron K sent ya.
Thanks for your help. I'll tell him you sent me.

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