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Vintage Air install pics


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
I am rough fitting the Vintage Air Gen II Compact Super Cooler air unit. I want to get all of this complete before painting the firewall and coating the floor with the truck bedliner material.

The C3 has a notch in the trans hump where the stock heater/air unit sits. I had to cut that out as the Vintage Air unit needed to sit exactly in that hole. I will come back and put a fiberglass patch here. It is behind the bell housing area and well out of the way of the trans. I also had to cut my trans hump/cowl plate that the cowl support rods bolt to. You T-top guys don't have to worry about this. I am going to reinstall the driver side only.

I also modified the defrost duct with two inlets as the VA system has two outlets for the defrost.

I only have two areas left to work out. I am trying to find the best possible place to run the hoses, and I need to duct the floor heater outlet on the driver side to the driver side. I will speak with VA about these options next week.

Quick update

I talked to VA yesterday. I ordered the 4"x 4" firewall mounting block for the heater and a/c lines to run out of the firewall. I am also trying to talke them into making some minor modifications to the GEN II system so that it could be a true bolt in application for the C3. We will see where that goes. They seem to be intersted in the prospect.

Also, I had knocked out and filled in the passenger side cowl vent. I now realize, it would have been better to leave the vent housing. Reason is, I am going to run the lines through the side cowl and then out the extreme passenger side of the firewall. If I had left the vent housing, but simply removed the vent door, I would already have a hole that could easily be foamed after the lines are in place to keep the elements out and the frosty cold air in. Plus the vent housing is made in such a way the top section diverts the down flow of rain water around the hole.

No real problem, I will just need to make sure I have a good seal.

Plus, they explained a neat and simple way to extend the lower floor heater vent for the driver side. That is costing me $2 more dollars worth of house and a modification of the VA defrost duct into a heater duct of the lower driver side of the VA unit.

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