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Vintage Air Updated Pictures


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Getting closer to something here. I took some more pics and uploaded them to the photopoint account down by my signature picture. Feel free to access that and choose the 69 Vintage Air alubum.

Here is the current status. I have made up the high and low pressure hoses to go from the unit to the firewall. I have rough installed the new 4 way firewall aluminum manifold plate. The defrost ducts are complete. I need to run the heater hose lengths, finish off the driver side heater duct, then give it all a good once over before pulling it back out. From that point, I will get back to painting the firewall, patching the hole I cut in the floor (way too large by accident) and then coat the floor with the bedliner material.



Notice that strange rectangular hole on the firewall where the wiper door actuator goes???? That is how I had to modify it to hold my electric linear actuator and custom bracket. That allows me to run the wiper door open and closed without vacuum and without the engine running.
Here is a shot of the under dash unit. Notice the defrost is connected using the stock outlet modified to a twin inlet to match the VA system. You will also notice the high an low pressure lines coming out of the side lower cowl and up to the unit. Right now I have the blower cover off and the innards are exposed on the right side of the unit. There are three outlets on the top of the unit. Each one of these will feed the three dash outlets on the stock instrument/dash panel. The lower side has the heater vents. This is a VERY tight fit, but it does fit as you can see. What you can't see, it I have it sitting at an angle where the blower side is touching the firewall, and the evaporator (driver side) is sitting away from the firewall just enough to clear the dash/instument panel. It is almost a natural fit.

Finally, I had filled in the vents on the passenger side. Now I have had to go back and cut that open for the hoses. I will have to make sure they are sealed so water does not leak. In retrospect, I would have been better to leave the vent, only removed the vent door, the had the natural design to keep water out.

boy talk about nice and neat ,you have have done a great job on it .how far are you from paint on it.i am almost ready for the first coat of primer,then trace and block,woooweee.thanks,,,,,,,,joe :D
Hey Chris, how did you make the decision to use Vintage Air? I know that there are others like Southern Air. Was it just your personal preference? I'm looking to modify my '71 with a/c in the next year or two.--Bullitt

Vintage Air was a simple decision for a couple of reasons. One, I have installed their products before. Two, they have the newest (at least I think they are the only ones) using the fully electric technology. That is, the Gen II systems do no use vacuum, rather electric servos for the different vent systems and heater valve. They also have the compact system that I am using here born from the Gen II and Super Cooler technology.

I have seen a couple of these cars sporting this set up. There is a fellow down the road from me that had put one in. The only bad part is, I did not see how he did it, just that it was in. So, I knew it would fit with some modification.

The only thing I would do different if I could, is have hard lines made up to go from the unit to the firewall. Other than that, at this point I am thrilled with the whole thing.

The systems I have installed and used in the past put out tons of super cold air. I am looking forward to being one of the few C3ers that can actually get chilled during the summer. :J

Oh, I will snap a pic soon of the control head. It is a real nice piece that should drop in the center console with little difficulty.
Hey Chris what did you do in place of the hard lines to the firewall from the evaporator? Love the bulkhead plate. Is this from VA as well?


I bought the kit from them that lets me make my own flexible lines. If you look in the picture above, you will see where I ran the high and low pressure line off the evap box down and into the lower kick cowl area then up to the block you see in the picture. I still have to run the heater hoses, but those are simple.

Yes, that plate came from VA. I ordered it with and extra set of 90 degree fittings.

What would be better is a set of custom hard lines that wrap around the unit and put the firewall block just opposite the firewall from the unit would be best.


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