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Viola! Finally got my airchamber bonded to the L-88 hood and the underhood painted!


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Oct 13, 2000
Western PA
1970 454 4sp Coupe
And the car runs remarkably with the working air chamber. I think it pulls much stronger at speeds over 35-40MPH. I swear that Holley loves that cooler air:D

Here's a couple pics. Underhood paint is still a little rough!


Below is a pic of the L-88 air cleaner assembly. The filter element is inside the hood!

Now that is cool.

Saw 2 of those this past weekend at the Kruse auction still attached to '69 L88s. Is your air cleaner base and defuser a reproduction? It looks perfect.

Thanks guys. I got the air cleaner assembly from Corvette World in Greensburg PA. John said I got the last one (acutal L-88)from his supplier--it had GM markings on the box. In further talks with John he said that other guys have called asking about them and now he's using L-88 assemblies from the other models that used this base. I'm not sure if this was GM's multifunction base and they just removed the filter and added the wire screen and top for the L-88. It fits a Holley perfect. If you're using an Edelbrock you'll need to haise the base to clear the linkage and choke.---that's why I switched to a Holley.

Tom, did those L-88's still have the 850 Holley's?

The air filter element is inside the hood in the air chamber. It's held in place by with metal screen which you can see in the pics. The metal screen comes out and this give you access to the foam filter element. I'm thinking of switching to a 3 inch K&N foam filter.
That is cool. I bought an L88 hood with that chamber already in place. I a hoping the Edelbrock Pro-Flow will fit right in there and let me do the same kind of thing.

So, the metal screen is the basic same inside diameter of the air filter, the air filter gets compressed through the hole then released in the chamber. The metal screen pops in to keep it from moving around. Does this sound right?
Chris, do you have a SB or a BB?

You have the basic idea of how the foam fits inside the chamber. My screen in the chamber is a little too loose for my taste. As much as I'm openignand closing my hood, I feel it'll eventually fall out. I thought of and have seen one where little tabs are made to hold the metal screen in place.

Here's a link about SB carb fitting:
L-88 Air Chamber
Both actually, but only one will fit at a time. :r

After much debate and input from CAC members, I am dropping the BB in the void.

Fuel delivery via the multi port Edelbrock Pro Flow system. This is going to shove the throttle body way up high in the hood as it uses a air gap performer RPM style manifold.

I am in for some custom fitting. Not like I would be happy any other way. If it fits the first time around, something must be wrong. :D I think I will make that my motto. :cool

Originally posted by Chris:
If it fits the first time around, something must be wrong.

OMG! That was soooo funny!!! I hope this motto serves you well! ;)


very nice.
what size wheels are you using? 16x8? if so what is the back space.
Thanks, The wheels are 16x8 with 4 inch backspacing. I tried 4.5 inch backspacing but they hit into the rear spring and the parking brake cable bracket...had to send them back----those were nice Halibrands.
'69 L88s


The 2 L88s were originals. The Green one was restored and the Lemans Blue one was a 21,000 unrestored original. It's air cleaner screen was falling out also. Both appeared to have all of the correct pieces on them.

Great pics!

Air Cleaner Base

I need to look further but I wouldn't be surprised if that base has wider use. Looks like the one that was on my '67 390 hp.


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