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Water in floor!!!!



Water is entering the car near the left wiper. The metal screen is loose and the sealing material is cracked. I pulled the loose parts out and have an eighth inch hole about 2 inches long. I can shine a light right into the floor. What can I use to reseal the area? It now has a hard rubber/tar material? Didn't see anything in the catalogs. BROHOKUS...
At least you found the source of the leak. Take the good with the bad. Now, about fixing it.

You have a couple of methods. Here is one I like. Get a heat gun. They range from $30 to $100. You only need the $30 Walmart special for this.

Get a good putty knive with about a 1.5" wide blade. Keep a hose or extingisher handy in the event sparks fly. Although, they shouldn't unless you arch off some old pine needles or leaves.

You can use the heat gun to heat the area and push that tar right off and out of the way. When you have cleaned enough of it back, you can use laquer thinner, acetone, or gasoline to finish cleaning it up. Let the cleaning solvent dry on out for an hour or so. Now you can rough the area up and lay down some figerglass cloth/mat in the area. When it dries, sand off any high rough spots, apply as many layers as needed, then get a good petroleum/tar based undercoating spray (rubberized if you can't find the tar base) and respray the wiper channel. Good as new!

Chris is right - at least you found the leak.

I had a similar problem which I think is fixed. One day I found water in the passenger side of my car. I removed the seat, carpet, kick panel, and dash and found where water was entering. I sealed it off with silicon. Back everything went. After another rain there was more water in my car. Again everything came apart. I located the leak, sealed it with silicon, and put everything back together. I must've repeated this a dozen times - and I'm still not 100% sure the problem is solved. My Vette's been through a couple heavy rains but is it really fixed?

I've been unable to find the source of the leak on the outside of my car. You're very lucky.

No gas

The only problem I have with the advice listed, is the suggestion to use gasoline to clean parts. Today's gas is more harmful to you, personally, than the gas of old. I could go on and on about it's ill effects, but I'll stick to the short version. Gasoline contains MTBE, which studies have proven to be a cause of cancer in mammals. Look at the signs that have popped up at your local stations which advise you not to inhale the fumes if possible or to come in contact with it. As a matter of fact, MTBE will be phased out in search of another oxygenate additive. I'm not an alarmist-type, but good men like the late columnist Gordon Jennings, spent their life trying to warn us about the so-called "good intentions" of those who "know better." Stay safe and stay informed.--Bullitt

you have done what others wish they could do ,find the@##@#water leak. if all you have a is a 1/8 th hole go and get some 2 part epoxy and fill it,remember to put some thing on the back of the hole as not to let the epoxy go on through. anything larger use urethane (which is great to work with ) or seam sealer and use an acid brush(any autobody parts supplier will know what you're talkin about), and smooth the sealer to make it look factory.gives it the lines the factory does.then a good rubberized undercoating like 3m norton makes some now that doesn't clog like 3m.then hope it doesn't leak after you test it,good luck and hope this helps :s

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