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Water Leak around back hatch



My Wife was driving my Z the other day in the rain, and she said the rear area where the spare tire would be was filled with water. We have a really good dealer in Colorado Springs Al Serra. She took it there and they said it was the rear hatch hinge bolts, which they "resealed and tightened". I just didn't know if this was a common problem or not. They also checked out the brakes for her she said they were squealing alot and she was worried. The tech said that they were not worn and didn't appear to be out of spec. I think they said 6/32 fronts and 8/32 rear but I can't be sure. Again I am not home to check for myself, does this sound about right???? I can't believe she had to pay 50 dollars for the rear hatch fix I could have done that for 50 cents if that. But they are a reputable dealer and at least she doesn't have to worry about it. Has anyone tried the Hawk brakes? I have heard good things about them, do they squeak alot???
Well thanks and God Bless from the big sand box

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