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Water Leak - Fancy a swim



Has anyone experience the passanger footwell filling with water (91 vette in the UK so we get plenty of rain !). I have removed the passanger seat and carpets (to dry them out initially) and see that the water appears to be running down through the foam at the very front of the footwell. Anyone any ideas where this water could be coming from before I start to take the dash apart ? Many Thanks, Lee.
Does it smell like anti-freeze?

If so it sounds like the heater core. I'm no mechanic but it seems to me if you run the car til it warms up say 20 minutes with no rain if it's the heater core you'll find things wet again.

Again I'm no mechanic, but this will be a trouble free check.


Check your radiator level ahead of time
There are some drains located under the screen below the windshield wipers. I think there are 2, each lcoated on the outboard sides. You'll need a flashlight to locate them. You can remove the screen & then use a soft wire or such to see if they are clear. I hope its the drains & not the heater core.....

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