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Water Leak Update



Update: I hope this will help future problem solving for others.

I couldn't stand it any longer, so last night I jacked the car up and located the AC Drain line behind the passenger side cylinder head. It is very hidden and hard to find. It was not clogged, but had evidently come from the factory with the line pushed up against the firewall. I think this because of the water that came out of the line after I freed it up. It was a little nasty.

Thanks JohnL for your advice on this issue. :BOW I just kept shying away from the AC drain theory at first due to it being a brand new car. Guess they installed the drain line just as the lunch bell was ringing...hehehe

Now wish me luck in getting the dealership to replace the carpet on the passenger side. It has a little hint of a musky smell.


John L

Glad you found it. Know you'll be sleeping better tonight knowing that you avoided potentially catastrophic electrical problems. Glad I could help.

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