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Water Pump selection



Need help with a water pump. Its for a 81 , aperently there is somthing diffrent on the 72-82 vettes then the standard gm short pump. I am looking for somthing in a polished aluminum or chome finish. Jegs has a chrome version for this car, and its only $109. But they are 3-4 weeks back ordered. !! Edlbrook makes an aluminum one for close to $300.

Any ideas on a good more economical soultions some one may have found out there ???


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
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Have you checked your local Napa, Autozone etc.? Maybe you could pick up a stocl aluminum one, then polish it??? Actually, I am not sure if yours would be cast iron or aluminum. I know the C4 pumps are aluminum.

BTW, I recently bought an edelbrock pump. I thought the price was rather high. However, it is a NICE pump with some high quality casting and contruction. Is it worth the extra $$$$? Who knows? However, it sure seems to be higher quality than the average water pump that I am use to seeing.


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Dec 27, 2000
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Weiand Team G pn 8220 or 8222

I'm talking small block here. $300 Edelbrock ... hope it's electric. Your 81 probably came with a cast iron pump. I won't swear to it, but I think the only fitment difference is that the short Vette pump has a 3/4" diameter fan locator pilot ... and the other models' short pumps have a smaller 5/8" pilot. Some new fan clutches come with both a 3/4" fan locator hole and a bushing to reduce to 5/8". I made my own bushing from a common copper pipe coupling found in bin at hardware store ... less than 25 cents. Weiand Team G pump (what I have) is another good choice in aluminum ... but like Chris' Edelbrock it's expensive too ... about $145 at Summit. Weiand pn 8220 (probably direct fit for you) is the short vette aluminum pump with 3/4" fan locator ... pn 8222 (what I have ) has the 5/8" fan locator ... both same price but neither are polished (like Chris said, polish yourself). Before you buy any brand I suggest you check what diameter fan locator hole & pilot you have now ... it could've been changed.

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