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Water pump weeping after sitting for years


Sean M

Question: I just resurected my 61 after 12 years of slumber in a garage. I have replaced fuel lines, fuel pump, flushed cooling system, etc.., and it's running like new except some weeping from the water pump weep hole. I'd rather not change that too at least for a few months if I can avoid it. What do you think about using a stop leak type product. Vehicle is all original w/ 58,000 miles. 283 2x4bbl 270hp.
Thanks. Sean

Also on another quick note. The seat are dried out and have some cracks, what can I use on the seats and more importantly the perfect dash to avoid cracking when I start using it. I'm told that armor all actually does more harm that good.
Welcome Sean

I'd just like to welcome you to CAC. Lots of info and friendly people.

You may try a leather conditioner for your seats to help keep them supple, and when 78s ps was leaking I used Lucas ps stop leak mixed with ps fluid and it worked pretty well for a bit. You should prob only use it as a temp thing, and replace it as soon as you can. I don't know about the dash...

Someone here will be able to better answer your question.

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Welcome Sean,

Sounds like a nice original '61. I don't think it would hurt to add some Bars Leak to the system if it is just minor seeping. You can get your original pump rebuilt or get a kit and do it next winter.

I don't know what to tell you about the vinyl seats and dash. I have heard that about Armor All too. You might contact Al Knock Interiors and ask them what they recommend. I would want to use a product on the dash and probably the seats that had UV protection too. I like Mothers products. I'd check them out also.



The reason the water pump has a weep hole is to let you know there is a problem. Coolant is getting past the seal. When I had my motor out I inspected every part and replaced anything that showed wear or needed replacing. My water pump has two weep holes (top and bottom) and the bottom one showed a slight water trail that had dried up. I replaced the water pump! Better to do it now when it's convenient rather than when it fails and its not convienient.

Like the man says...."pay me now or pay me later."

I was told by a NCRS friend to use Vinylex, a product made by Lexol on your interior vinyl parts. Can be found in the Eastwood catalog or large auto parts stores.


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