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Water Pump



I have just finished removing the water pump. Boy, what a jigsaw puzzle that was to get everything clear and removed in order to take it off. I'm wondering if there is anything else that I should be looking for or just go ahead and do while I have everything removed. I plan on replacing hoses and belts and cleaning things up some. I was amazed at the amount of leaves, grass, dirt, etc. that was between the radiator and transmission cooler!

Dave L.

Jerry81- I agree with you,that job is abit of a puzzle.Take a good look at your harmonic balancer while you are in that area.Mine had begun to seperate and rub through the timing cover.That lead to a new timing chain and gears and timing cover.This also might be a good time to pull out that radiator and have it cleaned and checked at the local rad shop.The cost to have mine done was about $45. That included one new tank and new coat of paint!It wasn't that big of deal getting it out either.You will have to pull the fan shroud out though.Check all your hoses and belts and you are good to go.Then you will have the peace of mind when you are cruising this summer on those hot days,knowing your cooling system is up to par.Welcome aboard and happy motoring.:upthumbs


Since you have the pump and all that stuff out of the engine it should be really easy to pull that shroud and radiator. Follow Burglar's suggestions he is right on. I did the exact same thing when I pulled everything out.

It will make your life a whole lot easier now that everything is out and it wouldn't hurt.



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Jan 27, 2001
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Hood removal benifits!

Just an idea, I found it much easier to remove the hood (use a helper for this) before removing the radiator and shroud and related crap.

Then you can scrub the area in front of the radiator, by the headlight actuators, real well! armor-all the vacum hoses, ect...,

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