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Weight of the shark body only



Not having the luxury of a hoist what is the weight of the body only when removed from the frame?

Would 4 men lift it?


Not to discourage you, but it is one of these things where it is not the fall that hurts, it is the landing.

Same for lifting the body. Four to six healthy fellows can lift it, and it has been done hundreds of times. However, it is extremely awkward and you need a well made plan from start to finish including escape routes.

The front of the car is not that strong and you will notice it twisting, flexing, creaking, and cracking while lifting it off. The rear clip is just bulky and heavy. The wheel wells are not made to handle that kind of reverse stress.

I would suggest you strip the car as light as possible including removing the headlight assemblys, all bumper reinforcements, window glass, door glass, door panels, trim, carpet, seats, etc. to make it go easier.

I have heard of some pretty bad stories where fellows painted the bodies off the frame, then damaged/cracked them reinstalling and had to go and paint at least part of the car on the frame after all.

Good luck. Take plenty of pics because the average person will never believe you unless you show them the body hoisted up in the air and some healthy fellows holding it up.
I don't think you should remove the radiator support. It lentts strength to the body and is not that heavy. Everything else should go. They do sell straps for the body removal.
You can leave the doors in as they help keep the structure together. However, if you remove them it is critical that you put a support brace where they were. You can also lift the car with the bars. Here is a pic of the set I made.

Of course I hope and pray you don't have to take the car this far apart. :bash


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