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Weird Thing



A weird thing happened to me about 10 minutes ago, you see I pulled up to a gas station and immediatly noticed a 1986 red corvette that was parked there, so i began pumping gas and finished and started toward the door to pay when these two gentlemen walked up to my vette, i said" I TAKE IT THE RED VETTES YOURS" and he nodded and looked at mine inside and out and said "I ALWAYS WANTED THIS YEAR" I was at loss for words and then he said it was a very nice vette and of course i said thanks and they walked off and i paid for my gas and they were gone and I went home...I CAN'T TELL YOU HOw overwhelmed i was over this...it is great to have a newer vette owner acknowledge an older vette,,, this made my day...
Where's the "warm fuzzy" smilie?

:D That was very cool of them to admit that they were admiring your car! What a nice "warm fuzzy"...
Barb :w
Yup, 80-82's might be dogs under the hood, but they definitely are the best looking!
C3s won the poll hands down. None of the other generations were even close.:cool
feels good

I know how you feel "cscarlson" . Its one good feeling. In the six years that I've owned my 81 , I've been offered 2 blank checks for her-- one was actually signed and in my hand-- but I just couldn't bear to part with her. To many hours looking for just the right car and to much blood, sweat, and tears getting her to the shape shes in to let her go that easy.. Save the Wave ZAL81
I think when we find the right corvette we get mentally attached at least I do and i wouldn't sell mine for any amount.. today I drove my corvette to work and it always gives me a great feeling just driving her.
weird thing

My brother has a brand new 01 black on black and it is sweet and he even has admired my 80, coming from your brother that is a major compliment, just proves that the new generation of vette's owners' has extremely good taste :W:

Sat. Nite Special said:
Yup, 80-82's might be dogs under the hood, but they definitely are the best looking!

I'll second that :upthumbs

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