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Well, its gone....


Feb 27, 2007
Jacksonville, FL
1991 Red Coupe
After a near accident by a guy with some road rage this past weekend, I was on a mission to find a full size truck.
Finally found one, even trade for my C4. Kinda sad, it was my very first corvette.
I know others will say some smart ass remark, but I must say a vette really is best suited as a 3rd vehicle, or at least a 2nd if you're single.
My new ride is an ext cab 4wd dodge ram on 35's
Enjoy the truck.

We'll see you back in a Corvette some day. :w
Definately! god willing, a C5....or DROOOOOLLL a c2, will be in the garage one day.
I'd hate to have had to made your decision, but I can understand you having done it. I bought my vette as a second car and a little over a year later someone ran a redlight and t-boned me totalling my truck. It took no time at all to know that even though I use my vette as a daily driver a lot, I'd miss it but when it comes down to it, I can't live without my truck. Luckily for me I was able to replace my truck without having to give up my vette.

Best of wishes to you on getting back into another vette someday.
We're sure to see you back in a Vette sooner than you think! Once you have one, it's in your blood!! :D


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