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Wellnuts for rear Shade...



Hello all,

I am new to this forum so please excuse me if this has been asked and answered. I am finishing a restore on a
1980 Corvette. The problem I am having is trying to locate the wellnuts that hold the rear shade onto the
body. These are the little rubber bushing with thread on the inside. I have looked all over and called a few hundered Corvette shops and am having no luck. I located some on the web out of Canada, but they want a $100.00 min order. If anyone knows where to get these please drop me a line...OR if you have a way to
attach this shade I am open to any and all suggestions. I would just put a bolt and nut and bushing, but I cannot get my arm up to the hole...

Thanks in Advance,
Nutinelse2do (aka RJ )

well nuts

Welcome Nutin,

When I was in GM parts, years ago, well nuts were a parts dept staple as they are used all over on all lines of GM cars and trucks. Have you been to your Chevy dealer?


Thanks so very much, I just showed your reply to my wife and cannot believe I have not even called one dealer!

I will be making a stop first thing in the morning to see what happens...I appreciate the simple answers...

Guess some of the hardest questions have the simplest answers.. I will let you know..:D
I hope they still stock them like they used to. There were more than one size as they even used them on Shark luggage racks.


Unreal, looked in my assembly manual, found the part number...342271 looked on line and I will be damned but it looks like they might still be available.. Thanks again...:D
Glad to help.

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