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what gas mileage do you get

I just recently finished about a 300 mile run down I-95

Where just to keep up with the traffic one has to stay just slightly above 80 MPH, even with getting on it a few times, fastest about 135, I managed 23.5 miles to the gallon.
When I first got the car I was getting an average of 14-14.5 mpg. After I gave her a tune up I got, and still get 16 mpg. That's around town and the commute to work on the highway about 10 miles. I can't complain about 16 mpg at all. It sounds funny, but that is way better gas economy over my last vehicle. (I had a jeep wrangler lifted up on 35's thornbirds!) In the jeep I got 10 mpg!:L
15 to 17 in town, and around 23 to 25 on the road
91 w/ auto trans. and 2.59 gear gets 28 hwy/22 city.96 w/ 6-speed and 3.43 gear gets 26 hwy/ 20 city.
17-18 city, can't complain for 300HP
the 89 roadser bonestock 6speed has gotten as good as 30 MPG highway
The 89 coupe with a beefed up 383 6speed has gotten 23+ MPG highway
both at arond 70 MPH using 6th gear
No complaints here!
On cruse control at 70 mph on the hwy : 20 mpg with the C4, 29 mpg with the C5

Normal driving 20% city 80% hwy : 14 mpg with the C4 and 18 mpg with the C5. I have an heavier foot with the C5 than the C4.

4-5 mpg with both at track.
My '88 coupe with K&N, Open air lid, no frisbee and true dual exhaust, automatic and 2:59 rear:

16-17 in the city
27-28 on the highway
Around town when gas was above 3 bucks = 17-18 MPG. When gas prices are under $2.50 TWELVE MPG:L
On road trips if I keep it below 90 26-30 MPG. My car is pretty efficient if I can keep my right foot off of the floor.
My around town milage has gotten better since my 2.59-3.45 rear end swap; however, I lost a little highway milage.
funny but before i blew out my fuel return line my avarage was around 18.5 or so. now the last couple of days after the return line was blown out its up at 20.4 now!! man who knew some thing so simple could change so much!! shes idleing smoother, idles down fast which helping gas i am sure?
17 city -- 28 highway. Normal sensible driving.:)

15 city -- 23 highway. Not normal, Pedal to the metal, showing off my Arrest me Red colored Vert.:lou

13-14 city
26-27 hwy
I get around 19 in the city and 28 highway. I couldn't be happier. :D
this stoned stocker 5.7 gets 25 but I live 100 miles from town and don't push it too often cause of the deer. ;)
'93 40th Anniversary ZR1.....never cared about mpg's cause I'm always havin' too much fun! :lou

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