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What is missing from my car?



car is an 81 and this is my question? Drivers side where the steering column goes through the fire wall there is a quarter sized hole just below and to the left of where the mounting bracket and seal are for the steering column. it is just below where the main wiring harness goes through the firewall. Also just above the fuse block there is an indention in the soundproofing material on the firewall like a bracket of some sorts was there at some point. Is ther a plug missing or has something been removed? My shop manual has no pictures of this and everything seems to be working fine. Any ideas?

Is your car an automatic? Maybe it is for the clutch linkage and the plug is missing.

seems like the hole under your steering column is where
the headlight bypass valve should be.
It allows you to leave your headlights up witht the engine off.

doug 78,

Auto, that seems to be a reasonable assumption. I think maybe your on to something.

Ksems, Bypass valve is still there. this hole is in the fire-wall just below and to the left of where the steering column goes through the fire-wall itself.

Thanks guys


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