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What should I clean it with?



Hey there,
I'm a newbie Corvette owner and have a few of questions about cleaning and care.

1) What should I use to clean the all black interior of my 2001 Corvette Coupe?

2) What should I use on the seals (door trim stuff, etc).

3) What is the best way to clean the wheels? I have a hell of a time getting in there with my hands, not to mention a sponge? I have the standard wheels, not mags or chrome. The biggest problem is the front ones. The clearances near the brakes, etc, is so tight, I often cut-up my hands trying to shove 'em in there with the sponge. Reading through the book, it says they are much like the body and to clean them the same way. This in nearly impossible.

4) The crack between the doors and the front fender and similar areas. How do I get in there? Do I have to be so anal as to get a Q-Tip? Any ideas here?


Everybody has their own favorites, but here's what I've been using on my 90 ZR-1: :eyerole

-I have a Smoke Gray interior with Black dash and trim, and all I've even used is a clean rag and a little warm water, except for the leather sport seats which I treat with "Mothers" Leather Cleaner & "Mothers" Leather Conditioner! :D

-I've been using "Mothers" Back to Black for the seals and trim and they are still like New on my 10 year old ZR-1. :s

-I still have the stock '90 wheels and clean what I can reach with a rag sprayed with some WD-40 on the heavy stuff-brake dust etc. Buy a long handled "Bottle Bush" at Wal-Mart to reach where your hands won't fit. You can wrap the WD-40 sprayed rag around the brush and get in around the calipers etc. I also bought a set of "Mechanix Gloves" from Auto-Zone to save my hands when detailing in sharp and tough to get at places. ;)

-Nothing wrong with Q-Tips They certainly have their uses especially with some WD-40 sprayed on 1 end.
That reminds me Gordy; I used "Back To Black" for a long time, but when I was re-doing my interior I decided to try to bring back the black in some of the plastic interior pieces. I found some stuff at Eastwood called "Forever Black" that is just great.

I raved on about it in a couple of product review posts, check it out:

1987 Z51,
Thanks for the info, I'll check it out. :D

I'm always looking for something Better or Easier :beer
I've been known to break out the q-tips to do some fine detailing my self. I've never used WD-40 on the wheels though, but it sounds like a good idea. I'll have to give it a shot. Under the hood I use back to black, but I have noticed that the engine heat tends to mar the finish on the underside of the hood. It takes 2-3 aplications of back to black to get it back to the nice satin black finish of the rest of the hood. But as soon as I start her up and the engine gets to operating temp the same thing happens. Does the "Forever Black" stuff hold up to high temps well? On the interior I use armorall on the dash and other plastic's. The leather gets Eagle 1 leather cleaner and lotion. It works great!

I have a 2001 Speedway White Coupe too, with black interior, GCole. I have been using Zaino Leather Soft Spray Cleaner and Zaino Leather In A Bottle for my leather seats. So far I have only used my small California Duster on the interior.

I know exactly what you mean about the problem cleaning the wheels. My hands are small, and it has really been hard to clean them. I have the Polished Aluminum Wheels and I have been using Zaino on them too. The wrapped long handled bottle brush sounds like a really good idea.

Nice picture! :) I am still trying to figure out how to post a picture of mine.

Welcome to the forum :)

If you want to try something that works Great on the Wheel Wells, black plastic parts etc. try "Lemon Pledge" sprayed on a rag. :s

Works Excellent and has an anti-static property also. You won't believe how easy the Wells clean up after using it a few times. Can separate the "Men from the Boys" in the Show Class. ;)
Originally posted by Steel Half-Shafts
try "Lemon Pledge" sprayed on a rag.

I can just hear the conversation now:

Girlfriend: What are you using on your car Jason?

Me: Furnature polish

Girlfriend: What? Furnature polish?

Me: Yeah, it works great on the wheel wells!

Girlfriend: Disgusted look Boys and their toys....

Thanks for the suggestion Gordy. I'll try it out!:D

Can separate the "Men from the Boys" in the Show Class.

And the women from the girls, huh, Gordy??!!! LOL

ROTFL Absolutely Right, Elaine :J :J :J :J

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