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What to use on exhaust manifold bolts, blue loctite or anti seize?

Paul G

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Aug 27, 2001
Griffith, IN, USA
96 CE LT4 Convertible
The subject says it all.
I removed and painted my header sheilds with 1200 degree aluminum color ceramic paint. They look really :cool now.
I just never know when to use locktite vs anti seize?
Just a guess but I'd have to go with Antisieze (Copper or Nickel Coat) Because, when those bolts come up and down with temp and water hitting them they're going to Temper themselves in also rust themselves in.

On the other hand you will be able to remove them next year but does this mean they might vibrate loose? leaving you leaking headers?

Id take the Antisieze as my guess but someone here will know for sure.
With aluminum heads you want to use anti-seize. Same with your spark plugs.
Are those exhaust shields a PITA to R & R?? I've been thinking of doing that also. What brand of paint did you use?
Thanks for the info.
The job is not that bad. You need to get the car up on jacks. The right side has to come out through the bottom. It is the hardest to remove. Unbolt the Y pipe from both manifolds. Unbolt the converter from the tail pipe. Slide that whole thing out of the way. Remove the starter. Unbolt the A/C compressor and slide it forward to get access to the front 2 manifold bolts. Remove all four spark plugs. Then you can unbolt the right manifold and let it down and out. I removed the cover behind the shock to get better access to the header bolts and spark plugs. The left side is a piece of cake. It will come out through the top.

While it is apart I changed the overdrive fluid and gearbox fluid. I am going to use Mobil 1 synthetic fluids in everything. I ordered new gearbox side cover shifter shafts seals. Mine were seaping a little. I hope they come in soon.

The paint I used is Dupli Color, aluminum color, high heat 1200 degree. I will post pics as soon as I can get it out of the garage.

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