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What's a dead miss??



I got my brakes inspected today and after the initial test drive they put down on paper: Brake pedal sits VERY high and is VERY hard.Booster is still working.Has steering vibration at ALL times.Engine has a BIG vibration [big cam?] Dead miss? I have recently drove my car about 3k miles in the past two weeks and the other night I noticed a funny "burnt" kind of smell after I came home. The next day I did notice a "rougher" idle than normal and it's still the same, but the smell I had seems to be gone. As for the steering vibration, I have a Z51 and they were driving rough roads. '86 Z51 107k miles.


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Jul 3, 2005
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JT -

I'm not sure how they concluded that the brake booster was still working if you had a hard pedal.

However, if you are experiencing a misfire, then that could affect your engine vacuum, and could explain some of the hard pedal.

Get a vacuum guage, and measure it with the engine at idle. You should have a nice, steady needle, with a reading of at least 17" (assuming a stock or only slightly modified L98).

Have you performed the "night" test? In a dark spot, raise the hood, extinguish the engine compartment lights, and see if you have arcing or corona around the spark plug wires. If you see any arcing, then you need to replace the components that the arc is coming from (in fact, if you observe that, I'd replace cap, rotor, wires, and plugs just to save time & effort later). If you see a faint glow around components, that is called corona, and you will want to check for solid connections, inspect for hairline cracks (if its occurring near the cap), and lubricate those areas with dielectric grease.

Good Luck,

G Winter

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Aug 21, 2004
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I think you should check the vacume connection to the brake booster. You have both a hard pedal and rough running. It could easily be a broken vacuum line to the booster. Cheapest place to start.



Well, the rough idle seemed to be linked to low tranny fluid. It was LOW! I got a code just before I filled it back up {no code reader with me} and after I filled it up no more codes. Drove it today and it cost me $175 to get it towed 30 miles! The engine went dead and I thought it was the fuel pump, but it seems that it was the MAF. After I hit on the MAF, it would almost crank. I disconnected it and it ran, but soon went dead again. With all the hard starts and MAF's I have been through, I am about ready to push it into the water and let the insurance take care of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now I am hoping someone will T-bone me and total the thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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