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What's my car worth? '82 Silver Green


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Feb 24, 2001
Santa Monica CA
1989 Black Coupe 6 sp
I have a rare color, Silver Green, 82 Coupe. Completely original. 21,000 miles. NCRS Top Flight designation. Condition 10 out of 10, exterior and interior. Thinking of selling so need input on what you think its worth.
Shame, shame, shame on you Tom! :nono

This is the car; do you all think he should let his "significant other" sell her Corvette? (Maybe he's trying to make her sell it? :L)




;shrug _ken :L

Ain't that a beautiful color? :upthumbs
I would say mid to upper mid teens.

I have a silver blue 82 with 170K miles on it, but rebuilt with things like:

Rubber air dam
Both headlight actuators - headlights are all new
Water Pump
Stainless steel chrome top radiator hose
Chrome water neck.
Water pump - in last 4 months
Washer pump
Engine - LM1 - rated at 250 - probably about 225 in the crossfire. Uses NO oil - Mobil One from the outset. New sensors all around, but see below for two changes I did.
185 degree fan switch
Mid-80's Coolant temperature switch
Port matched intake - standard mod everyone says to do - which turned out nice.
3/8" CNC milled aluminum TBI spacers.
Fuel pressure guage on front TBI
700R4 transmission rebuild to current standards when motor replaced.
Power steering pump - last 4 months
Control valve - last year
Power steering pump hoses
Alternator and lower alternator bracket
"Specially designed" dual, free standing, K&N air cleaners with K&N lids
CVR Protorque high torque starter wrapped in heat blanket - you will NEVER have heat soak starting problems!
7 blade fan from a mid 70's - not the stock 5 blade
Master cylinder
Power Booster
All rotors and calipers (parking brake needs rebuilding - it drags some when you put on brakes and gives a squeeling noise some - traced it down to this, just have not done it.
Magnecor wires - $160 set - 6 months old
ACDelco Platinum Rapidfires
DUI High Output coil, cap and rotor
Windshield - about 6 months ago
T-tops, with new rubber, and the dot matrix liners Car does not leak at all, anywhere - unusual for a Corvette?
Tach circuit board - last summer
Sanyo radio with CD and tape - new one year ago.
Rear Antenna - last summer
Font speakers - have to look up brand - same time as antenna
Rear Alpine speakers - I would put in a booster, I think
Door sill liners - have but not in now
Thermal barrier under carpet, seats, tranny tunnel (over its top also), behind seats, trunk.
Not new, but a/c serviced all the time and will truly blow cold, and keep you cold even in the 100 degree summer days
Al Knoch leather seats
Poly differential donut - u-joints checked at same time, they are OK
Brand new BFG Radial T/A tires - probably 1,000 miles or less - in back. Front are about 1 year old. Show very little wear. Had total alignment done about 2 years ago.
New catalytic converter last fall - Car Sound high performance - flows better than Random Technology
Borla Mufflers (now where did I get those?)
85 fuel pump - flows better than the stock 82 - can support higher fuel pressure if ever needed.
Viper alarm
Lumar metallic tinting - redone a year ago. Will not turn purple because of the metallic content.
Battery is an 8 year battery with about one year on it.

I had a friend looking at it and came close to paying over $20K easily, before he talked me out of selling it, if you can believe that.
This car looks cherry!! I would consider it as a candidate for my wife's sports car purchase.
Man, that's a great looking car.

Is that color paint still available? Mine needs to be re-painted in a year or two, and that is one sweet color.


The Silver Green is still available. My wifes car was just repainted this summer. I've got some left in the can for touch up but I would have to run up to the shop to see who made the paint. If I remember I'll look tomorrow.
I saw a relatively new Jaguar today that appeared to be silver/green. :cool

_ken :w
Thanks. That really is a very cool color.

And I just noticed that Larry mentioned silver blue. If I end up keeping my '79 when I (eventually) get my '73, that could be very cool - one silver green, and one silver blue.

Totally off-topic: it would be very cool if someone could get identical photos of Sharks in various colors, and do one of those "color selectors" like the new cars have on their websites. You'd be able to flip through and see what each color looked like.

My brother sold his red 82 last fall. 29XXX miles totally stock. Had every shred of paperwork and anything that came with the car including the original plugs, tires, air filter, etc. Looked like it just rolled out of BG. He got the hots for a 99 roadster and let it go for $14K. A Corvette speciality shop in Chicago was to buy his car from the dealer once my brother bought the 99. I believe the Corvette shop was willing to go to $18K. Ended up the Chevy dealer kept the car and put it in their show room. I know the Corvette shop was p***ed! As with everything it's all a matter of finding someone who wants it bad enough. Good luck and if it was me I'd take nothing less than $18K.
I'll trade you a 71 ragtop:D.

- Eric
I paid 16.5k last May for my 80 mostly stock with 11.5k miles. I would hold out for 18k if I was you.

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