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Wheel help


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Aug 31, 2006
2005 Millennium Yellow Z51
There are a lot of after market custum wheels that I'm considering for my C6. Can anyone please tell me what the stock offset is for a 2005 w/Z51? I want to make sure the wheels fit properly and not stick out of the fenders :L

BTW, how come nobody likes raised white letters on their tires?;LOL
How to measure backspacing / offset.

Here are several links to some web-sites that explain how to meausre the backspaing or offset on your wheels. You probably will want to meaure the fronts as well as the rears due to the different widths of the fronts compared to the rears.




I am not sure who you are talking about when you you are asking why nobody likes white raised letter tires. I had a 91 Cavalier that I put Goodyear Eagle GT with raised white letter tires and a 94 Beretta with Goodyear Wingfoot tires with raised white letter tires. I would have put the yellow lettered Goodyear Eagle NASCAR tires on my 00 Monte Carlo SS, but the are no longer produced. I guess it is a change of the times and automotive styling changes, but I still love the look of raised white letter tires or even white outlined tires.

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