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Wheel Polishing Equipment??

81' Corvette Guy

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Nov 14, 2002
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1981 Silver Coupe
Hi all,
Had the earlier thread bout polishing stock aluminum mags..what I was really wanting to know is: What everyone uses to apply the polishing cream with, ie. Diaper/finger combination, Shop Cloth/ finger combo, I am personally looking for some kinda of "mop" head that fits on a drill and try it that way..went to Home Depot..but that had tiny buffers for dremel/application and various sized drill buffing flat "disc". I am trying to locate a little "mop headed bit" for use with a drill..anyone have one of these and if so, where can I purchase or order one..thanks

Just my two gold pieces worth, thanks and peace out<*)))><

Joe :)

I used a 4" diameter white gauze wheel that I bought from Sears for the polishing part. I applied the Mother polish with a clean cotton rag.
thanks for info

Thanks for the info Gary, will take a look at Sears and see what the have!! :upthumbs

Eastwood Co has what you're looking for, they call it Facer And Mushroom Buff Kit

Item No. - 13168

Here's there web site.


I'm using Mothers aluminum polish and these arbors, it works great.

Have fun
Eckler's has a 4" Busch Aluminum Wheel Buff, sounds like what your looking for. Part# 35906

Welcome to the Forums, Tom. Sharp '81. What wheels are you running.

There steel wire spoke wheels. They were on the car when I bought it. Don’t know the mfg. or where they came from. The emblem on the wheel caps are from the 75-76 years.


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