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Wheel Rings and Center Caps


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Nov 23, 2001
San Diego, CA
Black Cherry 1969 Stingray

What are wheel rings, what do they do. Center caps I can see, but the wheel rings I don't. Attached is a picture of the rear wheel of the car. Are these the stock rims? And do the wheel rings and center caps pop right on?


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The center caps pop right on. See the little ridges on the inside of the raised section near the lug nuts? These are the keepers for the center cap. The rings are cosmetic appearance items.

Are those rims new or just in incredibly good shape? My car came with one rim that had the little raised edges with weld beads on them as if someone tried to make them a little larger. Bad idea.

In Great Shape


The whole car seems to be in this kind of shape. The seller didn't say anything about the rims being new. The car supposedly only has 39,680 miles on it. The appraiser said that the car looked like these were the actual miles. There is hardly any wear and tear any where on the vehicle. I just bought it and haven't had a chance to see it in person. The wheel rings and caps are one of the few things missing. They are fairly expensive for just a cosmetic thing but the rims look really plain w/o them.
You have what appear to be the original style "Rallye Wheels". The trim ring snaps around the perimeter of the wheel. Original trim rings used 4 clips at 90 degree spacing. These clips snapped over the wheel rim. Original rings also always had one clip placed at the valve stem hole. There are replacement trim rings available which use "grippers" to hold them to the wheel. Hope this helps. The replacement trim rings are pretty cheap. The "Mexican hat" hubcaps are available in all of the catalogs. They might still be available from GM. Chuck

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