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where to buy a raised factory type hood scoop


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Apr 17, 2001
Loxahatchee, FL, Palm Beach co
does anyone know where to buy a raised factory type hood scoop for a reasonable price,to gain more engine height clearances ,the toledopro scoop is about what Im looking for
but they are WAY overpriced at $500 plus for just a fiberglass scoop and $1500 for a hood
Hey Grumpy...

I was looking at some in the Corvette Fever magazine. When I get home later I will let you know who had them. Got a lodge meeting this evening and should be back around 9pm.:w
wow i like the way that hi rise hood looks,but its pricey. i could do
a whole lotta stuff with 1500.00
Check out Vanacor Corvette parts they have great prices and alot of variety.

Greenwood has them also. Not sure what the prices are.

A link to Greenwood is on my website.

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