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which oil for my area?


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Sep 5, 2001
Baton Rouge/LSU
1986 White Coupe w all options.
OK, i live in SC. It gets PRETTY cold down here during the winter (no higher than 50 from mid-November to March and lows in the 20's every day, which is cold for us anyway) and very hot during summer (highs stay in the 90's from May to early Oct.) My question for you guys is, since my 86 Vette is my daily driver for the forseeable future and i'll be changing oil for the winter, what weight oil should i use for my climate this winter?
Hey vader. I live just up the road from you in NC ;-)
I've been running Mobil 1 Synthetic 10-30 just like the factory recommends on my92. It will handle both the hot and cold range you're talking about. In winter you could opt to go with the 5-30 variant to help with startup. Even if you aren't running synthetic I would still work in that range.
Also, I switched over to Red Line 10-30 synthetic this last change. I don't really notice much difference but i've been told that it has a higher quality base stock and will allow for extended drain periods. I think Hib can offer some comments on that if he's around. He kinda swayed me to trying Red Line. But it's $7/qt.
Here in PA we run Mobil 1 0w-30 all year and havent had any problems with it being "too" thin either (oil leaking past rings and burning) and it protects from heat just as well in summer.................
I run Castrol Synthetic 5w30 and man I live in Canada ok Lol vette runs great on it (also with synthetic I heard that it doesnt lose its viscosity anyway after running temp) So I picked the best (In the middle) oil plus I like Castrol =)
castrol 5w-50..i have had my oil temp to 290 degrees and over 180 mph...no problems..what ever u run always use a synthetic, bigred is correct..the synthetics don't break down until a much higher oil temperature (over 300 degrees)
Oil For Whick area??

:booty Well personally I find that KY jelly does the best job on my area.

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