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While I'm at it...parts price opinons.

Stan's Customs

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Jan 10, 2004
Ft. Worth, Texas
Project 1961....
I guess I might as well see what value a complete 1961 Corvette body w/rusty frame and a bloody nose would be worth. ..needs at least an inner fender well and a front lower front valance panel.
It has a steering column with vin tag with a good title. It also has a good windshield frame, and emergency brake handle. Doors have regulators and glass. It has 3 of the 4 bumpers ..no brackets and that's about all it has. It was a amateur restoration start...been stripped and sanded on all over .... some minor patch work was done that needs to be redone. I've seen worse shells , but this one is no creme puff. It would be a very good candidate for a resto vette...since little is needed other than the above for a good start.

What has anyone seen something similar sell for...?

Regards...Stan M.

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