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Who has replaced Carb, Intake, and Dist?


Jun 29, 2006
Ames, IA
his: Blown 99 C5 Z51, hers: 81 Charcoal Metallic
Alright, anyone here removed/replaced/rebuilt the computer controlled quadrajet, intake, and distributor from their L81's?

I am pondering the addition of:

1) Edelbrock Performer Intake manifold (#350-2101 @ $114)
2) Edelbrock Performer Series Carb (#350-1400 @ $265)
3) GM HEI distributor (free from a friend)

I would remove OEM parts and keep them in case future owners wanted to keep it stock (i.e. place in same spare parts box that has the orig 8 track radio).

The Quadrajet carb needs rebuilt anyways (accelerator pump doesnt seem to be working). <Insert Reasons Here>

What are your thoughts and insight into this? What have you done? Thus far, car is completely stock and has ~ 49,000 miles in it.

I installed the 2101 intake. I'm still using original carb/dist. When using the 2101 intake,you will have to use a thinner carb insulator to maintain hood clearance if you are going to use the stock air cleaner. I don't know what
clearance issues you'll have with a different carb. Just keep it in mind...
Your other modification suggestions have been done by others and should work well. Obviously,you'll be eliminating your ECM.
I have done the entire round-trip on this issue. I have used single-plane XCELarator instake, Holley carb, and HEI set-up. Not bad..., but the beauty about closed-loop carburation is too good to let go for a more intense and tuning-dependent set-up.


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