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who would thunk


LarryK 87

was reading a post in here week or so ago, a user had some play in his steering wheel, This sounded just like the play i have in mine, he had found the pinch bolt on the shaft, to rack point was loose, well this weekend i decided i would check mine as well, and tighen it as needed.
Unfortunatly mine was not loose, Well i had decided to replace the fluid in the system anyway(due to another post about PS morning sickness), siphoned it all ( or a lot of it anyway), First was surprised at it's coloring and condition, a funky dirty pinkish color. ( new stuff is mostly clear/bluish tint )
Added new PS fluid, cycled steering back and forth a few times, and amazingly, most of the play is now gone !!!
Steering is also smoother than before.

My point? just cause it seems absurd, try it, it cant hurt ( well most of the time anyway ), every tip i have tried, has worked

Who would a thunk eh !!!


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Jul 10, 2002
Yucaipa, CA
1990 Charcoal Metallic Coupe
I changed my ps fluid as well this last weekend. When checking the old fluid, I'd noticed that it appeared thin and dirty. I also noticed the occasional hum from the stering box during low speed parking lot maneuvering.
After sucking out the old fluid, I used a lint free rag to clean out some gunk that was covering the horizontal surface in the reservoir.
I used Valvoline ps fluid and was also surprised to see it is mainly clear. The older fluids were purple, if my recall is correct.
The hum is gone and steering is slightly better (it was not bad to begin with).
Good preventive maintenance.

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