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who's glass fronts are best? and fiberglass bumpers for a 74prsd



I need a door to door front for a 74. Is there a differance in the quality of the fronts I see in all the magazines, the prices vary a lot. Also if anyone has experiance with fiberglass bumpers for a c-3 please let me know the good or the bad.
thx rod.

sorry, the "prsd" is a typo
I bought a front bumper for my 73 and had an experience corvette shop put it on. The body man said that this was the easist installation he's worked on. I got this through Corvette World. 73 and 74 are the same. Item 6400 "Tru-Flex" front bumper and S.S retaining clips was about $340.00
Mid America on-line at www.madirect.com or 1-800-500-VETT (8388) has complete fiberglass fronts for about a grand. Or separate body panels. Hope this helps. :w :) ;)
I am in need of a front bumper too..

I was told to go with the Tru-Flex Fiberglass front bumper... cause it gives a little more.. and it was what was originally on my car or I was told that, heh :)

So I am going to find one of those hopefully..
Rod, You might check with one of the CACC Supporting venders(SS Autosport)Hint. We just installed a complete front end, inner fenders, and hood that we got from one of my venders. While, depending on the car, this may or may not be the right choice, it did go on fairly easy with little chopping and cutting. But keep this in mind, the guy in my shop that done it, works on these (Corvettes) everyday. it took him 3 long days, it now has it's first coat on primer...........Good luck.......Steve PS, Any fiberglass you get, will need to be fitted, and refitted, and refitted, etc......
You know there is a lot of things I would like to do to my car.... but since it is all original... I might as well keep it the way it is.. :)

But yah.. fiberglass will need to be customized it seems for individual vehicles.. or it has been that way for me.

We used Eckler's fiberglass rear bumpers on my late father-in-law's '74 at least 10 years ago. Maybe 12. They fit perfectly. I see this car around occasionally and they still look great. It is amazing how much better these cars look without the waves and distortions in the bumpers.

The BIG question is do you REALLY need a Door-to-door?

If you can get by without it, you should.

My roommate and I replaced his 80's Door-to-door (his needed it) and its is MUCH more dificult than just replacing a upper surround or even the upper surround and a fender!

The reason is at least one panel is there for referencing/alignment and positioning, we had a heck of a time squeezing out the bonding seam putty to all the seams and then aligning ALL the bonding points and fastenening them down with screws...sometimes that bonding stuff hardens really fast (hehe) epsecially in the summer heat.

if you can do it a panel at a time, thats the way to go, it at least gives you something to align "TO" PLUS its cheaper

ACI makes a good quality fiberglass as well and it does look better that those waves on the rubber bumpers. (I think Ecklers sells this also)

good luck
Larry (gus)
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