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Why such low supply


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
I was reading about the Ford Mustang Cobra R and noticed that Ford only makes 300 of those cars. I was really impressed by the specifications for the car and wondered why Ford only makes 300 of them?

Doesn't Chevrolet make almost 7,000 Z06's? That's such a wide curve in supply as compared to the Viper and Cobra R. If Dodge and Ford would just make more of their cars, I believe that we could truly find out which is the top American sports car and why!
Good point

Well, ZO6 was 16% of total vehicle production last year, with 5773 being built.
They have said that they are going to try to up the build this year to even more. Mostly, because of the differences of the construction.
Best tyou, c4c5
I don't think GM is worried about the Mustang and they shouldn't. They need to focus and concentate on making the Corvette the best sports car around. They need to put all of their efforts in quailty control so that the C6 won't have they little problems like the C5. It is possible, it's just a matter of GM doing it.
In some respects I don't believe that the Corvette is worried about the Mustang because Ford will never make a Mustang that could compete with a 'Vette within the same price range. But, look at what the Mustang has done to the Camaro and Firebird. You can't argue with the sales there.

I don't believe that the Viper is considered a competitor to the Corvette simply because of the large gap in price. I have never personally looked into the aspects of purchasing a Viper so I can only go with the MSRP's that I read and all I ever see is $70,000 and up. I mean, it would be awfully unfair to compare a $70,000+ Viper to a $50,000+ Corvette wouldn't it?
I totally agree with you. A Vette is no comparison to a Mustang. Yet the sales of a Mustang is killing the Camaros and Firebirds. I don't see why. I have driven both and the Camaro is much more comfortable than the Mustang. There is a lot more room inside of the Camaro than a Mustang, and the power is no comparison. The Camaro blows the doors off of the Mustang. If you ever noticed that most of the sales of a Mustang are to women. They like them better because it does not have the sharp angle in the winshield. Personally I would never buy a Mustang, let alone a Ford. My brother has a Camaro and it is a fun car to drive as well, and at a great price.
I think the Mustang has beaten the Camaro and Firebird simply because of it's lower cost. It's really quite that simple that a teenage kid can more easily afford a new baseline Mustang for somwhere's around $15,000-$17,000 and I'm sure the insurance would be cheaper as well. The Camaro costs more and since it's more of a sporting machine, it's insurance would be higher.

All those kids do is buy a cheap car ie. Mustang, Civic, Celica, etc... and save up the money to, as they say "trick it out." Of course, it still won't compare to the 'Vette.
You are definitely right about more women driving Mustangs now. I also notice that a lot more women are also driving 'Vette's now. I've also noticed that the majority of 'Vette drivers are in their late 30's, early 40's; somewhere's in that area. Seems like the older folks like the convertibles for cruising instead of speeding!

I wouldn't buy a Ford either, but then again, I wouldn't buy a Cavalier either. The Cavalier is just too small for me. My daily driver is a Camry, but at least it has 6 cylinders. I don't take the 'Vette for too long of trips. Our gas prices here in Illinois are more than $2.05 a gallon and the 'Vette just likes the premium fuel. I was surprised today because the gas price in Indiana, just 10 minutes east of me, is 20 cents cheaper a gallon!

You are correct about the price, but that is for a 6 cylinder and not the V8 Mustang GT. GM has lowered the price of the Z28. You could pick a new one up for about 21000, at least here in California. That is the same price as a Mustang GT. The Camaro V6 costs about 16000-18000 as well. But who really wants a Camaro with a V6, not a top choice in my book. I would not buy a Caviler either. You are right it is too small.

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