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wider wheels for my C3 shark

Dec 15, 2001
Western Australia
'06 STi, '68 Camaro, '58 Cadillac Sixty Special
im ordering a set of rally wheels im thinking to get the fronts with (depeneds on how much space i have up in the front if i stick with my 15x8 or go up to 15x10) - 265-275/60R15 and the rear get 15x10 rims partnered to 295/50R15... anyone think this is realistic or have tried it by them selves? any help appreciated
The biggest problem is clearing the spring mount in the rear. If you go with a 19" tall rim you have no problem getting up into the rear suspension without hitting anything. You actuall end up getting the rim around the fixed mount suspension stuff.

It looks like a 5" off set with a 10" rim will work up front (at least on my ride with the fender flares). I have seen plenty of sharks with the wheel adapters and late model 88-96 rims (which are 9.5").

Of all the things I wish I knew about C3's, right now I really wish I knew all the possibilities on wheel spacing. I am going through some of the same quandries. However, I am looking to jump to a 12" on the rear if at all possible.

The other trouble is, if you measure wrong and have a custom rim shipped to your door---you bought it. So, measure two, three, four times, and order once!

I am thinking about building a measuring device out of plywood that would allow me to simulate the rim, and move the lip in and out to determine exact fit.

I have 295/50 tyres on the back of my car. They are on the original 8" rims which have a 4" backspacing and they sit right in the center of the wheel arch. On the inside they clear the trailing arms and spring mounts with about 1/2" to spare and on the outside they are flush with the body. I have no rubbing at all even under hard cornering or acceleration.

If you were to go to 10" rims on the rear and had a 5" back spacing they should fit. The overall width of my BFG`s including the slight bulge is about 11". The front looks like it would be best sticking with the original 8" rim and at most a 255/60 tyre otherwise you might have some problems with the steering on full lock.

There is a reasonable picture on my site showing the back of my car to give you some idea of what it might look like.

Even lowered without offset trailing arms or spacers I have had no problems with 255-50 16 on the rear and 245-50 16s on the front.

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