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Window Crank Removal


Jan 19, 2002
Friday Harbor, WA, USA
69 Singray Conv
I am new to corvettes just got a 69 convert. Need to replace the window cranks but see no retainer clips, any ideas? Also where are locations of factory VIN? Thanks much
Take a coat hanger,cut an 8 in piece,make a T handle on one end,take other end and bend 90 degrees at a right angle to the T,cut off to a little less than an eighth inch so you have a hook,now its been a while but I believe if you go in from the opposite end of the crank handle you should be able to hook the clip,if not try going from the handle side.
Hello and welome to the CACC, Stingray69. If you don't want to try the modified hanger route, there is a tool that is made for the purpose of removing wimdow cranks. It should cost about $6 and even has two ends, one to remove and another that grabs the clip to ease installation. Most auto part stores carry them. Your VIN should be located on the A-pillar windshield post driver's side. If you look at the interior piece from the outside, you should see the relief that exposes it. --Bullitt

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