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Windows hit as I close the door



The window on the right side (passenger side) hits the body as I close the door. There is a lot of play in the windows. The driver side is on the verge of hitting the body. I bought the anti-rattle pads from ecklers but I looked at the internals of the door and I noticed that it already had a pair.

I don't know if the ones I got are replacements for the old ones or mount in other places to push the window out.

Has anybody had this problem before?

How can I fix the play of the windows, cause I am sure thats not the way it came from the factory!

It could be just out of adjustment or one of the rollers on the window could be loose. Mine hit the body when I first bought it and it was just a loose roller. You have to pull the door panel off and find the right angle to get to it. I actually totally removed the side window to tighten mine. There's some drawings and diagrams here that should be the same or very similar:
There's a complete description of window adjustment in the AIM, and also in the Chassis Service Manual. MANY adjustments...up/down, in/out, diagonal tilt, etc. Chuck
Assembly Instruction Manual. This is the guide used on the line to assemble your car. A copy for your year is available from most Corvette parts suppliers. It's a good book to have.

Oh yeah

I bought one from Mid-America. Thanks I didn't know that you could adjust the window as you guys had mentioned. I will take a look at it this weekend.

The driver side window already has a chip in it. When I pull up the window it gets caugh on the inside of the frame.

I have the same problem on the '81 on the drivers side. The glass just touches the pillar when I close the door. I had thought door hinge pins and bushings were in order but they seem real tight. I think I'll adjust the glass first. There is a rattle in that door so something has probably come loose.

You could have one or more problems. One is adjustment. There are MANY adjustments, outlined in the AIM that will show you how to move the window in literally every plane. The other, and it sounds like it from what you write, is that something is broken down in the door. You mention that it catches when you pull it up. You shouldn't be able to pull it up manually....only with the crank or PW motor. The AIM also has great schematics of the inside of the door. See what/if anything is broken. All of the individual pieces are available through the catalogs. This is a MISERABLE job. I've spend hours...over many days...fooling with window adjustments. It "ain't" easy, regardless of what others tell you. :) Chuck

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