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Wire harness Diagram for 89 Convertible



Anyone have a an Electrical Diagram of the wire harness that is legible for the 89 Vert Bose Radio hookup.

e.g. which wire goes to which speaker etc.


Aug 24, 2002
League City, TX, USA
1989 Coupe & 2001 Convertible
I presume your 89 still has the Bose cassette with 12 Pin setup (I just went thru this week the hard way. I just swapped out a Bose CD with my Bose Cassette.). Although my 89 is a coupe, you should have six plug connectors. The 1st 4 are for Delco radio hookup. The last two are uniques for Bose (Your radio will have two wires coming out from side - 1 pink and 1 black sheild wire with ground).

1) Blue plug (Rear Speakers) with:
Pin A Rt Rear Spkr (-) w/ Lt Blue Wire
Pin B Lt Rear Spkr (-) w/ Yellow Wire
Pin C Rt Rear Spkr (+) w/ Dk Blue Wire
Pin D Lt Rear Spkr (+) w/ Brown (Clear) Wire
2) White Plug (Front Speakers)
Pin E Lt Rear Spkr (+) w/ Tan Wire
Pin F Rt Rear Spkr (+) w/ Lt Green Wire
Pin G Lt Rear Spkr (-) w/ Lt Gray Wire
Pin H Rt Rear Spkr (-) w/ Dk Green Wire
3) Black Plug (Power & Ant)
Pin I Pwr Antenna Turn On w/ Pink Wire
Pin J 12 volt Ignition Wire w/ Yellow wire
Pin K Headlight Dimmer w/ Gray Wire
Pin L Ground w/ Black Wire
4) White Plug (Radio Display & Clock Battery)
Pin M 12 Volt Battery Wire w/ Orange Wire
Pin N Brown wire
5) Bose Relay
Single Pin w/ Single Pink wire
6) ??? (Never figured this one out)
Single Gray & White wire (Always hot)

If you figure ever figure out what the last wire does - let me know. Curiousity is killing me!

Good luck!


Thank You I am sure this will help me out this weekend


It is a Pioneer DEH-P76DH AM/FM CD Player. It was an easy installation after figuring out the wires.

I too did not use the gray wire.

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