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Wood dash & console



I just completely re did the interior of a 79 L-82. Midnight blue leather seats, new carpet, new door panels, MP3 CD player, Heat shield..everything re done. I saw an 80 last year with a wood grain concole and instrument cluster, it looked good. I found the inserts in Ecklers catalog but I sure would apprecaite it if anyone has the wood look in there C3 to post some pictures. I would like to see them.
BTW Nice forum..real friendly people. I like that!!
Where's the Pictures??

Welcome to the CAC Forum. You will find kindred spirits here. When everyone else is tired of hearing about Corvettes we'll still be here. Where are the pictures??


Here is a link to a pic of the interior of my '81. It has the wood grain kit from Ecklers. The original owner installed it, I did not. It really looks great with the black interior. Your blue interior would definitely have a much different look but at least this pic can give you an idea.

I'm going to try this "attach file" feature also. It is a better view of the console and dash.
wood grain

Thanks for the picture. It looks really sharp, I can see why you like it. My blue is a dark midnight blue...I think I'm going to order it!
Cafish Jack

Post a pic when it's done. I'd like to see it!

Good luck.

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