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WOW! These cars have wings!


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Dec 6, 2000
Bradenton, FL
'90 ZR-1 #3010
Absolutely amazing......I'm pretty new in the ZR-1 ownership dept. and still don't know the capabilities of the car, but what I do know is that this thing hauls A**. I just met some local ZR-Oners with some nasty fast cars....makes mine seem like a kitten:D

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but is it impossible not to speed? I have found myself doing at least 10 over everywhere I go:) Guess I need to watch it a little.........quite a difference from my old '85

:D I'm still trying to wipe the smile off my face from this past weekend. I treated the ole girl to a fresh new battery, new air filter, double checked the oil pan bolts and surrounding bolts for torque, replaced two missing fan shroud bolts, cleaned out debris from around the radiator, treated the leather and interior to a good cleaning/feeding and finally found a Sunoco station around here that carries 94 octane fuel; thus a fresh take of go-go juice. AND I replaced the chrome tire valve stem caps and sleeves that some little #$%#$% @#$%#$%$ swiped off the car while parked outside my garage Sat. morning. (they also stole the ones off my truck too):r :r :r
Yes, those little #$%#$% @#$%#$%$ will swip the chrome tire valve stem caps and sleeves if given a chance. :r

I bought some aftermarket ones and tucked my OEM's away after a couple of fellow ZR-1 Owners lost their caps at a resturant we stopped at last year! :mad

Man that sucks about those little #$%%%*:mad

At least they're replaced...........Can't trust parking your car anywhere anymore.
bring it out west and see how fast it will really go....the Nevada Open Road Challenge is may 20...just think 90 miles in less than 36 minutes...the Silver State Classic Challenge is in September.
brooks said:
...the Silver State Classic Challenge is in September.

I gotta remember that Brooks. I can't do the May 20 event though, it's sandwiched between my visit to Willow Springs and the get-togethers in June at the NCM - not enough time. :(

I've been wanting to attend one of those events for a long time. A member of our club has manned a station once or twice, and wasn't it you that told me just to show up if I wanted to man a post?

I'd love it! All those hot cars roaring by at WOT. Who knows, I might get lured into it. LET'S GO JAY! :J :D
Speaking of wings wait until you get it up above 160mph, it will get a little light and it almost feels like it is going to leave the ground. It's a bit uneasy for the first mile or so (@20 seconds) but you learn to deal with it.

What a rush.


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