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Z06 Roadster

BlueCoupe Anserws My Prayer


Thank you for the information. At last I can have it all and at a very reasonable price. You need to get this to Dave Hill ASAP. ;LOL ;LOL ;LOL ;LOL ;LOL

Thanks again,
Remo :cool
Kids Red Z06 Corvette Pedal Car
Now kids can own their own Corvette with this authentic styled Corvette Pedal Car!

It's a 'vert Z06 !!!


I've always been a fan of millenium yellow myself!:L:L:L

It's a shame that Dave Hill and his team are held back by the internal politics. They would boost the bottom line by so much because people like convertibles. With the Z06, you can't have your cake and eat it too. That just means more money for the aftermarket guys.
The Corvette team solved the problem of no Vert or coupe body style having the Z06 performance with the C6. Just 5 Hp shy for those who like numbers, and the Z51 option will put the car close to the Z06 handling. For everyday driving, I doubt if most will be able to feel much difference between the C6 and the C5 Z06 in respect to handling, and acceleration. Unless of course their "other car" is a Z06. :Steer :L :L

While emotionally, many of us may fit the age bracket of the Kiddie Car, my butt won't likely fit (legs too long).

There is more to the difference between the Z and the Vert than a few HP, like lighter tires. Perhaps Chevy thinks they are covering all bases, but many of us want the ultimate performer, which means the WHIOLE package, that is street legal, whether we ever use all the potential or not. Integral as well, to the Corvette philosophy, is the notion of a world class sports car at a fraction of the price. To me, that rules out the aftermarket delivering what I feel Chevy should produce. Any quotas are largely artificial, IMHO, and with a new series, such targets can and should be adjusted based upon what we customers want.

In a chat with Dick Guldstrand the other day, he indicated, with no reason given, that it was unlikely that Chevy would produce a C-6, Z06 Convertible. Perhaps a truthful explanation would help?

Here is why I don't think GM would create something too radical: liability.

For a car like the Corvette, I mean that by mass produced, there are plenty of cars to go around. And being that the new Corvette's are still somewhat affordable, there will be plenty around. If they make a Vette' so powerful, some kid is going to get his hands on one and drive it like it's stolen. Someone is going to either get killed or hurt and the lawsuits will be flying.

But what about the Lambo's, Porsche's and Viper's? Lambo's and Viper's aren't exactly within reach, financially. Porsche's cost more than Vette's. I think that GM's philosophy is: if you add on the power, you're also taking on the responsibility.
Hey, What do you guys think of the new Cadillac CTS-V featured in Road and Track this month? They had no problem sticking the LS6 in that car but don't feel as they can offer it in all models of the Vette. :( The new C6 is NOT enough for me even if it is equal to the C5 ZO6 because the Z car will come out and blow it away a year later. Tired of being the underdog because I want air. :mad Guess I'll buy the Z and cut the dammm roof!
I saw a picture of a Z06 that was customized. They cut the top and put in the targa top roof panel. It looked very cool. A t-top with a trunk. I wish I could remember the web site I saw it on.
Awsome Byran, Thanks. I see you also have too much time on you hands this winter. :)


bluecoupe said:
Awsome Byran, Thanks. I see you also have too much time on you hands this winter. :)



Well, dropping from 60-65 hours per week to 40-45 hours per week at work frees up lots of time. So, I guess you're right, lol! :L
Yes, you will be able to get a C6 Z06 Convertible/Roadster

Z06 Enthusiasts,

Yes, you will be able to get a 2006 C6 Convertible / Roadster Z06 from John Cafaro at www.skunkwerkes.net.

He already has built several convertible / roadster C5 Z06's. You can see them all at www.skunkwerkes.net.

Check them out and let me know what you think of them.

after visiting my local dealer today, I think I am going to get a c6 now the hard part, waiting and getting the z06, I am keeping the rag top, and adding a new garage. I love being single, hate the 2 car garage.
hate the 2 car garage << So, like 6 will be enough??

Edmond, check the accident stats on Corvettes, now. They are high and it isn't because they're not a safe car. The cost of repair is high, but most of the accidents are single car. A Z in Vert form is no more or less dangerous than a Z OR a Vert. Maybe Chevy considers the Z to be near track ready, but they DO put in a radio and A/C. SOme light (truth) would be nice, on this one, from GM.

After what the local Caddy dealer did to my best friend, I will never drive one.
I agree with several posts. The present Z06 was suppost to be an entry level no frills cheaper Vette and didn`t sell. GM was stuck with a useless body style and got the bright idea to name it a Z06 with an unavailable engine in the Coupe and roadster so they could get them sold. It worked with a lot of people and I hope they don`t make the same mistake with the 2005 Vettes and will offer a HP optional engine in both the coupe and roadster to satisfy us horsepower freaks and give up on that non removable roof style Vette. I guess in a few months we will find out.

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