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Z28 front springs



I was looking over some paper work that came with my car from when the body was restored a few years back by the prior owner. He had the entire frame and suspension rebuilt and I noticed on a invoice that Z28 springs were listed with all the other parts. Is there any reason Z28 springs would be better than corvette springs ?
If they just say Z-28 Springs and don't specify anything other than that, my guess would be that they are actually the engine valve springs. That is a common nick name for the off road G.M. performance valve springs.

Otherwise, I have no idea.
Z28 springs

It's possible that they were looking for a specific spring rate and ride height and the Z28 springs were the best fit. If you ever look in the GM parts spring charts the selection of front coil springs is almost endless.

Chris you might be right about the valve springs as they are listed in the same invoice as some engine parts like the cam, rockers, carb etc. They were 50 bucks and that was about 5 yrs ago. Would that sound about right ?
Is there a part# or quantity?

resto75 said:
They were 50 bucks and that was about 5 yrs ago. Would that sound about right ?

$50 is about right for a set of valve springs. The reason I thought of that was because about 10 years ago me and my Dad bought some hi perf G.M. heads for a 350. In order to complete the package we had to get the "Z28" off road spring package. That is all I remember about that.

The fellow at the parts counter said the Z springs were made for the old super high output 375 hsp small block engine.

They are supposed to be good, so I imagine you can turn a lot of RPM without any valve float.
Tom , the invoice just said 1 set z28 springs. I think Chris is right about them being valve springs as the other work done was a complete rebuild of the engine. There were a number of performance parts added and these would be in inline with the others. The past owner wasn't sure exactly what was done to the engine as far as pistons and valves, he just knew it was done and he paid the bill.
This engine runs really strong and will suck you out of your socks if your not careful, however I gave up running the guts out of a engine years ago, now if it doesnt have valve float at 4 grand,,,,I'm safe. He did tell me that it was about 375 hp and the receipt was from a performance engine shop.
Valve springs

I think you guys are right . Doesn't seem like enough $ for front coils. The Z springs are excellent in a hi-perf street engine and some racing applications.


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