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ZL-1 Stripes



Hey guys, I'm looking for someone with access to a '69 AIMs manual. I was told that on the last page, that there is a diagram for the ZL-1 stripes. Could someone post it or a link? Also, does anyone know where I can find a reference to the Baldwin Motion stripes/decals? I have several magazines and books with the Phase IIIs, but no information on the stuff. Thanks for any help.--Bullitt
You need to get a message to...

1970 Stingray, a member here.
I think I recall reading in a post that he has the Baldwin Motion stripes on his Vette. He may have some info for you, or at least be able to provide you with a picture.
Here's a pic of my stipe. It certainly looks like a Baldwin Motion stripe. It's 15 inches wide and ends in a tip on the hood. There are two pin stripes on each side 1/4 inch wide and 1/4 inch from the stripe. There might be more pics at my site below.

Speaking of B/M

Thanks '70 Stingray for your help. I'd like to see, though, if the AIMs manual is really specific on the size. On a similar note, the Baldwin Motion cars were always my favorite. Have you seen a '69 Phase III that's blue with white stripes.? It's in a book called American Muscle Cars and was also featured on the Supercar Registry a few months ago. It has a unique hood that I have never seen before till earlier this year on Ebay. It went for about $750. It has an opening in the front like the mid-year big block Vettes. It looks really badass! Does anyone out there know more about this hood or if anyone makes a reprodction? Thanks guys for your help. :D --Bullitt
There's a guy on CF (Bamavette) who just bought/traded for a '69 B-M 427 Vette. It isn't a Phase III but it's awesome. He has the hood you speak of.

About six months or so there was a discussion about the B-M hood. It's sort of an L-88 hood with a "Hi-rise" option. There was rumor that someone(on the east coast I think) who still has the molds to that hood and is still making them as needed. I think the going rate was more than $1,700 a copy!

Another guy just contacted the old owners of B-M about their LeMan's fuel filler....as it turns out they were purely decorative! I was shocked at that one. They're still selling the LeMan's flip-top filler for $350! I got mine from a Cobra shop for $125 and it IS FUNCTIONAL!
Lemans gas cap

I was just about to ask you about your gas cap. I know that Cobra Restorers sell one for $150 and an economical one at $100. Does your's retain the overflow hose? I noticed that there's a gap between the body. Have you considered modifying a reproduction gas lid to fill it out? I'm considering making my '71 into a Lemans look-alike, myself.--Bullitt
I got mine from Cobra Accessories . It was about $125. The cap has a one-of custom aluminum flange that bolts onto the tank in the same manner and position of the original gas tank flange. The flip-top is fully functional! It was a very difficult process to obtain the correct angle considering the rear deck is sloped and the tank flange area is tilted at about a 15 degree angle. There is no overflow hose. As installed the flip top opens directly into the tank.

I'm still woking on a trim ring to fill the gap. Here's one pic and there are more at my site below---page 7 I think.

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