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ZR1 mud flaps



Recently I had a very bad experience with my '90 Red ZR1. The DOT decided to pave a major state road with large patches of loose gravel all over the road for about 5 miles. There was no way that I could get off the road. The bottom panels under the fenders, doors ,etc. got peppered with gravel dings.

I called the DOT and they sent me a "tort" claim form. I also called my insurance co. and they said they would cover it under comprehensive - and to forget about the state. So, I'm looking at about a $1K paint job - makes me sick. This car had absolutely not 1 mark on it before this!

In order for this to never happen again, does anyone know where I can get decent looking mudflaps fitted for the ZR1? I tried Ecklers and the ones they have do not fit ZR1 - so they say.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Jun 9, 2004
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I bought mine from Mid America when I first bought my ZR1 and they work. I have been to Bowling Green 3 times and once to Gordon's and there is not a nick on the the car. They are a must if you want to Autocross and still have a decent looking paint job. They only require them to be attached by existing screws in the wheel wells. The body molded ones require them to be attached by drilling into the body (not recommended). Good luck.


Thank you!

I went to Mid America site - and they do have ZR1 splash guards.

They have black ABS and "smoke tint".

I realize it's subjective, but which do you think would look better - are the smoke tint ones almost clear and less noticeable?


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