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ZR1 rim touch-up


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Feb 20, 2001
Little Egg Harbor, NJ
1969 Corvette coupe
I have a 1996 CE coupe with the silver ZR1 style rims on it. They have a few scratches and chips in some spots that were touched-up at one time. The previous owner must not have had the correct paint to do this because the color doesn't even come close to matching. Which brings me to my question: what is the correct paint to use for touching up these rims? Can I just touch-up the spots or will I have to remove the rim and have it re-sprayed?
Here's what I was able to come up with from the ZR-1 Net:

"Go to your local hobby store the one that sells plastic models, and get a paint that is made by Tamiya. Its called Tamiya color, Acrylic Paint and the code number is X-11 (chrome silver). Don't worry about the color (chrome sliver) when it dries its the exact same color as the wheel. Just remember to stir the paint and do not shake it.

Touch up the ding with a small soft brush filling the ding to just higher than the surface of the surrounding paint. Let dry for 24hrs then lightly buff down with some polishing compound to the same surface level of the rest of the paint. Be sure that the wheel is cool before attempting to touch it up.

Thanks to Pete Bordonali for this info.

Another member has found Testors #1181 Aluminum FLAT ENAMEL in the little tiny bottle (like kids and dads use for model airplane building). It is very close and looks great. And it's cheap - $1.10 at Michaels craft stores. It makes the outside wheel weights almost disappear too."

Todd cerami
Thank you VERY much for the response. I had been waiting for a reply from somebody on this subject for quite some time. I will have to find that paint by Tamiya and give it a try. Thanks again.
No problem. Let us know how it works out. I actually try this myself as I have a couple dings in my wheels as well.

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