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    8.5" A molds in Front and 11" in rear, anyone tried this combo

    Has anyone tried 85" A molds in front with the 11" in rear? Wanted some opinions on looks and function. The reason I want to stay away from the 9.5's in front is their tendency to pull you into what ever grove is on the road. I had them on an 89's and was always fighting it. I live in Indiana...
  2. 94conv.

    Corvette Rubber company weather stripping

    Has anyone used the Corvette Rubber Company weather stripping for C4's? I just ran across their ad in hemmings. Ive been trying to find something that is comparable or exact to OEM. Can't seem to find OEM anymore. I bought one for around the windshield years ago and it had to have been molded...
  3. 94conv.

    After market sun visors vs gm

    Has anyone had any luck with the after market lighted sunvisors and is there any big difference between them and the Gm's?
  4. 94conv.

    Tire and weather stripping

    Once I get the suspension problem figured out with the worn tires whether it be bearings, ball joints or just misaligned along with the intermittent abs/brake lights flashing on the dash, my next move is for new tires and weather stripping around the windshield. What tires has everyone been...
  5. 94conv.

    intermittent ABS/ASR/Brake light

    I have a 94 and almost every time I drive it the ABS/ASR and Brake lights flash on the dash. They do not stay on. I had the codes read last summer and I am thinking he said it was a wheel speed sensor or he suspected that's what it was but with OBD1 it's limited on what you can find out. Today...
  6. 94conv.

    94 hard top for convertible value

    How much is a hard top for my convertible and rolling storage rack worth
  7. 94conv.

    broken green?white wire at ecm

    I unplugged the ecm to check connections still trying to get to the bottom of my stumbling and dying problem. Still only does it after it sits after running for about an hour. After I plugged the ecm back in the problem started again, stumble and ran rough, didnt die this time though. I looked...
  8. 94conv.

    "SNAP" Then it fires

    Ive been having trouble with my car for a year now. After it runs for an hour then sits for awhile, longer the 30 minutes but less then a couple hours, it stumbles when you go to re start. Last time it did acted up I let it stumble till it died and it acted like it just ran out of fuel. I...
  9. 94conv.

    Buying ecm for 94'

    Where is a reliable place to buy an ecm for a 94'?
  10. 94conv.

    94 ECM is HOT!!

    Im still having the intermittent stalling on restart after a long drive and it sits for about 20 minutes. I have noticed that the ecm is extrememly hot, you can hardly stand to touch it. What would cause this?
  11. 94conv.

    MAF relay

    Wondering if a faulty MAF relay would cause an intermitent stall and stumble after the car has been driven for awhile shut off for a minimum of 30 minutes and restarted. Read that if the MAF is bad the computer may dump fuel into the engine.
  12. 94conv.

    94LT1, air filter oil?

    Can oil from a K&N air filter mess up a MAF to cause intermitent stumbling and stalling after shutting the car off for about an hour after a 120 mile drive? I have an intermitent problem and have no codes. When it runs, it runs great. Let it sit and restart it and it stumbles and falls. And this...
  13. 94conv.

    Help! 94 Lt1

    Last summer my 94 developed some engine problems. I drove about 60 miles away and it wouldnt start back up. It finally did after a few trys but missed out very bad. It eventually came out of it and ran ok after about a mile. It ran fine a few times after that ( I don't drive it every day). About...
  14. 94conv.

    interior pieces painted

    Finally got the interior pieces painted and back from the shop and installed. I think it turned out great. The problem was the stereo shop dremeled out the radio bezel and looked horrible, bought a new bezel and the finish didnt match so something bad was turned into something good. I know I got...
  15. 94conv.

    speedo question

    Ive been searching forums but havent found anything substantial yet. My speedo was reading around 35 - 38mph and I know I was going that fast, maybe 25. Tried running with trafic but couldnt tell anything definate. I did notice its slow to return to 0 after I stop, if I stop fast enough its...
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