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    85 4+3 3rd gear off throttle stick vibration

    I have an 85 with the 4+3. I'm getting an off throttle vibration in 3rd gear. The stick will violently start shaking like it's coming out of gear. As soon as I touch the gas it goes away. Shifting is smooth and no grinding. I had the transmission out, and when I put it back in, I used a...
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    Valve seat / Valve work info needed

    I am rebuilding my 1985 C4 L98 143k miles. No prior valve work done on it and it ran great before disassembly. I need some advice on Valve seat / Valve work. The intake valves appear to be in good shape. Very minor imperfections on the valve contact area that are only apparent under a...
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    Need advice on engine rebuild parts

    This is my first engine top end rebuild, so I'm trying to be careful and think everything through. Here is a barrage of questions. The Crane tech recommended Crane Gold Race Extruded Rocker Arms 1.6 11759-16, I have rod guides in the heads, plus Crane Valve Spring and Retainer Kits 11308-1 to...
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    C4 friction disk thickness

    I measured the friction disk in my 1985 4+3 and it is .282 thick. Does anyone know what the OEM thickness is? It doesn't seem like it has a lot of material left on it. I'm wondering if I should look into getting a new friction disk before I put everything back together. Thanks
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    Can I get lowering advice using shims?

    I have a 1985 with the Z51 option. I have the suspension disassembled and was thinking of changing the shim position to lower the car about 3/4". The rear seems simple, just move the shims from top to bottom and you're done. I read that you can just remove the front shims. Does anyone here...
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    1985 dana 44 cover seal RTV or gasket?

    I have my diff apart to change all the seals, the RTV seal was leaking, original seal. I'd like to make sure I don't have to disassemble again, so I'd like to do the cover seal right. should I go with RTV or a gasket? I see "Fel-Pro RDS 55475 Rear Axle/Differential Seal" online that looks...
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    Is there an online C4 parts catalog?

    Hi, I have my transmission out, and the rubber cover on the 3 shift rods going through the tunnel is rotted. I don't know what this part is called, but it looks like a piece of rubber with 3 rubber fingers for the rods. Is there an online parts diagram I can use to find this or any other...
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    Please identify this mystery part for me

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired a 1985 4+3 that, you guessed it, needs work. I was disassembling the drivetrain, when I noticed that there was a washer floating on the transmission bottom, visible through the manual transmission drain hole. I removed it through the side cover. It's...
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